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Template:Character The Y2K Beast was introduced to the Never-ending Story1 on NeS1 Page 2 at a time when the real Y2K Bug was a supposed threat the the world's computer systems in the year 2000. The real-world bug was personified in the form a a beast in the NeS, that was literally shaped like the letters "Y-2-K". However the Beast was quickly defeated on NeS1 Page 3 by Arbiter who claimed the beast to be false - causing it to disappear.



The "Y" in front acts like a head, the "2" acts as the front legs and the "K" acts as the back legs, with the upper portion of the "K" swinging like a tail[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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The Y2K Beast was created when the new millennium struck the Earth and it was produced in that very first time-zone. The Y2K Beast[Ext 1] is based upon the real Y2K problem, in which there was a mass panic over the problems it would cause. The Y2K Beast is the sensationalism manifested. Once manifested, the monster senses the heroes in Ares' Colosseum and heads straight there to attack them[NeS1 2]. When the creature reaches the arena it instantly eats a delivery ship from Papa John's[Ext 2], the pizza, the pizza guy and a random mime. Arbiter becomes enraged that the beast ate his pizza and turns Super Saiyan[Ext 3]. He proceeds to attack the Beast[NeS1 3]. However he then realises his mistake and takes out his BS Detector which reveals the Y2K Beast to be nothing but 'bullspit' - a phantom created of hype and paranoia. Upon being revealed, the beast wails and vanishes into nothingness[NeS1 4].


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