Template:LocationThe dockyard officially named XL Sigma 4 is controlled by Dienhand's Fleet, formerly Strang's Fleet, is more commonly known as "Excelsior". It is a large skeletal structure in the depths of space, away from any planet's gravity well, and is meant to help create or repair large capital ships. While the dockyard is mostly meant as a military installation, there are civilians on board too. Dr Alexis Thrain was once living aboard the dockyard before transferring to The Hopeful.



The name "Excelsior" is the bastardisation of the original name as it gets slurred from XL-Sigma 4 to XL-si-for until it became Excelsior[CatH 1].


External Appearance

From the outside, the dockyard appears like skeleton ribs floating in space[CatH 1].

Internal Appearance





The dockyard is meant to both create brand new capital ships but also repair them. The ribs are massive enough so that even The Hopeful can mostly fit inside[CatH 1].


Clear and the Hopeless

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When The Hopeful and its captain, Clear, are pressed into the service of Deonal Strang, he helps The Hopeful reach Excelsior for repairs. When the massive ship arrives the dockyard is constructing a new capital ship in one of its three bays[CatH 1]. When Clear tries to hide her friend, Green, from Strang she needs the help of Dr Alexis Thrain. Green, injured, requires a long stay in a bacta tank. Cassra Terrin-Pullista blackmails Thrain to helping Green and transferring from Excelsior to The Hopeful so that they could have a new medical bay built[CatH 2].


Clear and the Hopeless References

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