The Plothole

Those that write the Never-ending Story, and all of its iterations, are known as The Writers and primarily exist within the Writers' Realm, which is also known as the Massassi Temple. The Writers are often more outrageous and comical than the actual Characters of the story they are supposed to be writing. The Writers are meant of actual representations of the "Real Life" writers, and each Writer often has a single Avatar Character that represents them within the story. The Writers appear, themselves, on the Pages of the NeS but are not to be mistaken with Non-Story Notes, which are written by the real writers behind these in-story Writers.


NeS1 Post 1

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The first reference to Writers was in the original post of Never-ending Story1, though it was in reference to the real world writers rather than any in-story Writers. Gebohq the Writer uses the term during a lengthy discussion between the writers over the nature of the writing being done. The first instance of a writer being merged with their character was done by Cygnus X the Writer when he referred to Ares the Writer's PowerPlaying as an in-story device of Ares the Character[NeS1 1].


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