The Plothole
The Plothole
Introducing The Never-ending Story
This is the wiki dedicated to the information gathering of The Never-ending Story series, as found on The Plothole. The series is aligned with the NeSiverse and the Characters that exist therein. The Never-ending Story is a collaborative story-writing experience, written by dozens of different Writers since 1999 ~ Now and is a great way to practice writing, have fun and work with others. Writing for The Never-ending Story is as much playtime as it is a literary experience for people who want to write for fun or for serious practice. No prior writing experience is required, or knowledge of the series, but if you want to learn more about the world and Characters, then this wiki is the best resource you could hope to find.

Currently on The Never-ending Story 3

Current Page on The Plothole

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The NeS Heroes, Losien Simon, Iriana Emp, Newb, Aladdyn and Char, have successfully overcome the odds and defeated the hordes of space pirates, Australian Robots and mall ninjas that were sent by Chris the Bad Guy. Chris himself was dealt with after he spilt Iriana Emp's tea - a grave error. Sent back to his mommy, Chris is out of the picture and Losien Simon led her team on with the repairs to The Ditch. Unfortunately, news on the television announced the new and dangerous threat of Necroman. Having landed in central Australia, his necromist is transforming all biological life into zombie-like necroids, animals, humans and even plants. Only non-biological Characters would stand a chance and the two robot heroes, Wai and Char, know they must guide their friends to the secret robot city dubbed Sanctuary, out in Antarctica, to recruit more robots to the cause. They ride the transforming robot, Honeybee, as a large battleship and travel across the ocean and fought with Greenpeace, Somali pirates and survived a storm. The situation with the necroids is made worse by the 5G Network, which causes people across the world to become 5G Zombies. Losien was injured by overloading on Nintendo Power and the team were joined by the recently reincarnated CopyKAT, a pug who can't talk to them but thinks just fine. When Honeybee was sunk by an angry Iceberg, she transformed into a submarine to help the heroes navigate the seas. They discovered the lost city of Underwateropolis, inhabited by the monstrous Shoggoth. When CopyKAT transformed himself onto a Shoggoth, they believed him to be of a lost ancestral heritage and refused to let him, or the other heroes, leave the city. They were able to escape, but after The Beatles accidentally released the rainbow-horrors of LJN, the heroes managed to avoid a Plothole through Narrative Providence when Adolf Hitler returned to Germany to declare the beginning of the Vegetarian Empire. The heroes themselves, wound up in the Arctic instead of Antarctica, but Aladdyn suggested they get Santa Claus and his magical sleigh to help them reach the South Pole. Unfortunately, Santa turned out to be a crazy conspiracy theorist who thought they were Martians or 5G Zombies. The group bypass Santa and head straight for his Cold Castle, where Aladdyn, Iriana and CopyKAT almost managed to sneak in, but were caught by Santa's Leprechauns. While "torturing" the three heroes, the others rush to the castle, but are stopped when the leprechauns release a virus at them. Char confirms the virus is just the cold virus, however Wai grows especially sick with man flu. Meanwhile, the Galactitrons, led by the King of the Galactitrons, are en route to reclaim the medallion that CopyKAT wears and come into combat with the crappily-drawn-spiders. A forward scout of the Galactitrons makes it to Earth, where he is attacked by Santa. Newb goes through an unusual process wherein her clone, Newb 2.0, discovers an artefact in Antarctica, where she was waiting for the heroes to arrive, which causes her to merge with the original Newb, as well as teleport the robot-dog Mutt to the Arctic with her. The heroes manage to escape the Cold Castle and rush off to find Santa, who has his sleigh with him. They manage to steal the sleigh after being attacked by both the scout and Santa himself. Newb fires a bazooka, actually aiming for Aladdyn, which ends up blowing up both Santa and the scout as the sleigh disappears and transports the heroes to Antarctica at last. They make a brief detour to Substation Kappa Phi Delta, which turns out to be a station owned by Hero Force and they converse with their artificial intelligence, CynthAI. She doesn't like Newb, recognising her as Newb 2.0. She explains that the artefact was water from the Fountain of Aletheia (created when the God of Truth, Veritas, touched the water of forgetfulness in the River Lethe) and should have restored forgotten memories. However, as it didn't work, it means that Newb's memories are not forgotten and are still there, but she is blocked from accessing them. This turns out to be the same for Char, who cannot access their own memories either. With Char, it turns out they have a virus, which was put there when Char arrived in Australia on a mission from Sanctuary to investigate the impending asteroid with the necromist to hit the land. With this knowledge, the group crash near to Sanctuary, which is cloaked by a mirage field, and Losien meets her old friend, and former NeS Hero, Galvatron. The robots, however, are quarantined by the robots of Sanctuary as they could be infected with the same virus as Char, meaning both Wai and Mutt. Honeybee, however, was left a secret bny the heroes, outside of Sanctuary. Meanwhile, the Galactitrons have arrived in orbit around Earth and send out a pulse to search for the medallion. Bill Murray, the current president of the U.S.A., goes with Space Force to attack the alien menace. Necroman is joined by the celebrities, who had rode with the NeS Heroes on Ditch Island, led by Taylor Swift, who the Galactritrons believe to be Earth's mightiest warrior. Their search for the medallion, conducted by Stargaze, the past lover of CopyKAT, is fruitless. The NeS Heroes themselves, and Galvatron, meet with the Sanctuary Elders. After briefly tolerating the bickering elders, they decide to go and find where Wai, Char and Mutt are being held in quarantine. They are stopped from entering by Cyclonus, but determined to get in there, Newb, Galvatron and CopyKAT provide a distraction using explosives, while Losien, Iriana and Aladdyn sneak in. Elsewhere, Arnold visits Orë and his assistant, O, hoping to have his deceased friend's genes spliced into his own. However, when performing the treatment, Orë gets distracted by a call from Sanctuary requesting his help and he puts the wrong DNA into the sequencer. This causes Arnold to become a half-fox, half-human. Orë needs to go to Sanctuary, so takes Arnold with him. Once there, they meet with Wai, Char and Mutt and Orë wants to help each of them be fixed. Losien manages to get inside with the help of Arnold and the three robots part ways with the heroes. Arnold, however, joins the group instead. They have to flee the city after the explosions of Galvatron and Newb attract too much attention and they part with Galvatron as Honeybee transforms into a TARDIS to take them back to Australia. However, CopyKAT sees the image of his former lover, Stargaze, who is with her father, the Galactitron King, and is now in orbit around the planet, searching for the Medallion. Seeing her, he remembers who he is and is able to transform back into his robotic self. Now, he will be able to pass into the necromist, even without the robots of Sanctuary to help. Once over Australia, necroids are fired into the sky to hit Honeybee. CopyKAT leaps down to fight the necroids but Aladdyn jumps out too, so Arnold jumps out and flies using his jet pack to save Aladdyn and go on ahead to Sydney with the TARDIS-Honeybee following. CopyKAT confronts Necroman, but he escapes in the battle as the Galactitrons, led by Stargaze, arrive. During the fight, Taylor Swift manages to get the Medallion, but she just wishes for all radio stations to play country music and CopyKAT gets the Medallion back off her. In the city, Arnold and Aladdyn land on a tall building where the government leaders are happy to see the genie they'd hoped for finally arrive, but Necroman is now approaching the city. Reunited, the heroes want to help protect the survivors on the building, so Honeybee tries to transform into forms they could use to battle the necroids.

Current Team: Losien Simon | Aladdyn L. Quirk | Newb | Iriana Emp | CopyKAT | Honeybee | Arnold

Did you know...
  • ...that the High Empire uses magi-tech crystal technology aboard their ships?
  • ...that the original Never-ending Story was started in the thread named Nostradamos... SCARY stuff here?
  • ...that Newb, current NeS Hero, was a Russian super-spy with many aliases that she has now forgotten?
  • ...that Gebohq and Losien Simon are twin siblings, with Gebohq being born minutes before his sister?
The Books of NeS
Never-ending Story 1

This is where it all began. The origins of the Never-ending Story, from NeS1 Page 1 unto the climatic NeS1 Page 50 that saw the start of a new Thread. Back in the year 1999, the NeS thread was created from the ashes of another narrative and was visited by many posters of the Massassi Temple Forum. It went on to become a creative outlet for many tenacious Writers, spanning many Chapters with an array of wild, and often silly, Story Arcs. Several perennial Characters were introduced during this Book of the Story, from Semievil, The Last True Evil, Highemperor, Losien Simon and the titular Gebohq Simon. The earlier Chapters and Pages lacked focus and saw rapid rotation of Writers, it helped to plant the seeds that would gradually grow across Never-ending Story 1 that would find Writers increasingly invested in the Characters and Story.

Never-ending Story 2

NeS2 is also dubbed NeSquared and continues off from the events of NeS1 Page 50. Far-reaching Plot spreads through this Book, kicking off with the threatening Helebon of Hell. Other major villains become integral to the plot of the Book, such as Tsolo, Knowsoul, Taxman and the now twisted Michael McLongname. The villainy culminates with the continued narrative of The Last True Evil right to the finale on NeS2 Page 50. The role of Main Character switches hands, dropping from Gebohq Simon to his twin sister, Losien Simon, but Gebohq's evil doppelgänger from the NeShattered spin-off, Gebiyl - better known as Evil G - also thrusts himself into the main narrative. The Chapter "Memory Lane" revisits old posts from across NeS history, but adds new content and depth to old posts from new Writers.

Never-ending Story 3

NeS3, also dubbed NeS3-D is a "soft reboot" of the NeS, gently setting aside everything that came before by simply not bringing it up, but accepting everything happened, allowing new Writers and Readers to join in without a backlog of reading to do.

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Currently on... Hero Force Ultimate

Current Page of Hero Force Ultimate.

The superhero team Hero Force One were once the premier superhero team on Earth before the final events of Hero Force One (Story) that left the team a shadow of its former self. They established a headquarters in the Biltmore Estate, where they ate pizza and played video games. However, an unexpected, and very personal, mission arrived; rescue Brittica from Hell, one of the founding members of Hero Force. The team sought help from Louis, commonly known as Acidspitter, because he is an incubus and a former Ruler of Hell, as Mr Nine. Along with Louis went Magick Snowflakes, Benjamin Mahir, Flax Hyperon, Ffion Heul and, as leader, a now powerless Seraphim. After battling Medusa in Pandæmonium, the team was saved by the unexpected arrival of old-time member, and former flame of Serapahim, Hunter F. Neuman who goes by P.I. Funguy. An accidental discovery by Flax led the team to deduce that one of the Demon Princes plans to use Brittica to concoct a plan using Immortal Bloodtea in the Endless Well Floor. They had to cross Sheol, which alerted Nergal who reported to Beelzeubub and forced the team to rush to the Helltrain as they fought off the undead and made their escape. Although still under attack from undead once they're on the Helltrain, they fall into an argument - to save Brittica, or deal with the Endless Well. It was P.I. Funguy who argued that saving Brittica would prevent the plans to use him and the Well, so it was agreed to head to Station #8571. However, the train was derailed by some unknown, gigantic assailant and the heroes separated across domains of Hell. Ffion Heul woke up in Nehemoth, an endless landscape of Whispering Pillars, but she was found by Louis. However, it seems that they are not alone and within Nehemoth only one thing exists - The Night Spectre. Magick woke up in a soup-like sea, with floating mushrooms and meat, and when she saw the colossal head of Belphegor, sucking up the sea she was in, she knew this to be Thagirion from her time with High Imp. Flax Hyperon found himself in a red landscape and used his tricorder to find life. He was met by gigantic, obsidian warriors who told him they were zomiel and that they were going to kill him. Flax used his hookshot to propel himself away from them and into the air, but this unexpectedly caused him to be pulled upwards and the world he was in, Thagirion, had two directions of gravity. So he then fell into the same soup-sea as Magick, where he found her. Together, they were able to propel themselves back upwards towards the land with the zomiel and away from the mouth of Belphegor. Seraphim and Winters, meanwhile, found themselves in the Cistern of Sound, Bor Shoan, where they were intending to be, the place they hoped to find Britt. They stumble upon P.I. Funguy too, who is wounded, so Seraphim goes alone to find Britt but. Flax and Magick manage to escape the zomiel and end up in a mysterious pagoda with a long pit at its centre, which they descend. At the bottom, they found themselves in a maze and they met an unusual woman named Naamah. She explained this was Diyu, and believed there was no escape. Flax is charmed by her and uses his own charms to attract her, not seeing through her manipulation. In Nehemoth, Louis agreed to guide Ffion in use of her Æon soul-channelling to search Nehemoth for an exit. However, she attracted the attention of the Night Spectre and they ran. She led the way, knowing where to go, and just as the spectre had him, he was pulled out of Nehemoth by none other than Lilith. Hero Plus One found himself in a strange city of cloying mud and rat-people, with golden towers rising above. When the rats start on him, a very casual man named Bubba showed up. He told Ben that the rats didn't really look this way, it was Ben projecting, and Ben knew this seemingly average man must be a demon and asked to know his true self. Bubba transformed into a hideous, monstrous fly-creature that was Beelzebub. After being tied up, Ben uses the envy of the rats to seek out his friends, hoping they would lead the other members to save him. Beelzebub did not stop him and envied the plan, and the friends, and wanted them to come. In Bor Shoan, Seraphim heard a voice in the black-and-white landscape who turned out to be a figure from her past, when she was Metatron, Mastema. Mastema had been cast out by Yahweh for his behaviour, and he believed himself the last angel loyal to the true God, WriterGod. He attacked her with a smoking chain, and she had lost her powers and could fight it. But she told him of the fall of High Angel, who Mastema idolised, who became a fallen angel, just like them both. This broke his resolve and he despaired. He told her that Brittica had been there but she was taken by unknowns. He begged Seraphim for mercy, not to leave him alone. When he apologises, she agreed to let him join with them until they escape from the cistern. Flax, Magick and Naamah found themselves at the Court of Scales, governed by King Qin'Guang but he was ruled over by Yama. They were attacked by Achimi, the marble ox steed of Yama, but slipped through a Hell Glitch to Qin'Guang's court, filled with demons. Flax managed to entertain the court with one of his many tales, in a bid for freedom. Louis and Ffion had become trapped in the Masak Mavdil, the utopian prison, of Lilith. She had been imprisoned there by Louis himself when he was still Ruler of Hell, accusing her of betrayal against him. He believes it would be dangerous to release her, but she will not let them leave if he does not. Ultimately he must accept and releases Lilith, who will go with them, as well as her muscular teddy-bear Mr Bubbles. They go to Tehom, where they can easily access all of Hell, and witness the last vestige of the original chaoskampf that existed before the current universe. In there they sense a colossal Leviathan, which they named Lotan, who seemed to be somewhat friendly towards those that arrived in Tehom. Louis sensed Seraphim, and her group, with Beelzebub, but also sensed Flax and Magick were in Diyu and at risk of being lost forever. Then Lilith sensed her twin sister - Naamah. The trio travel to Diyu, but only find Achimi. As they fight, they slip through the Hell Glitch, which causes Flax, Magick and Naamah to also slip through and the two groups switch realities. Although the succubi and incubi of the court show disrespect towards Louis, the king respects the old noble ranks and pays respect to Mr Nine. He becomes irate when Lilith makes a slip of the tongue, however. He will allow them to go, but they must investigate whatever it is that Yama is up to. He keeps Lilith as leverage, but allows Louis and Ffion to join with Flax, Magick and Naamah against Achimi. Louis senses Yama through Achimi in a third reality and uses that to pull the whole group away from Achimi and into this new reality - but not before Ffion accidentally slips through a Hell Glitch first.

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