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Introducing The Never-ending Story
This is the wiki dedicated to the information gathering of The Never-ending Story series, as found on The Plothole. The series is aligned with the NeSiverse and the Characters that exist therein. The Never-ending Story is a collaborative story-writing experience, written by dozens of different Writers since 1999 ~ Now and is a great way to practice writing, have fun and work with others. Writing for The Never-ending Story is as much playtime as it is a literary experience for people who want to write for fun or for serious practice. No prior writing experience is required, or knowledge of the series, but if you want to learn more about the world and Characters, then this wiki is the best resource you could hope to find. The forum is always open for new Writers to join us, so check out the forum!

Currently on The Never-ending Story 3

Current Page on The Plothole

Current Team: Losien Simon | Aladdyn L. Quirk | Newb | Iriana Emp | Honeybee | Arnold

After the defeat of Necroman ends NeS3 Chapter 1, the NeS Heroes have returned to The Ditch, where Newb attempts to use Aladdyn's Wish Powers to get a date with Iriana - only getting herself a wrinkly fruit. Elsewhere, Elon Musk suddenly arrives on the island and declares himself owner of it and that he's going to level it so he can make his new Hyperloop from Australia to Japan. After meeting with the ghost of Mackie, Arnold's dead friend, they decide to capture Adolf Hitler, of the Vegetarian Empire, to discover how he was able to return to life, so help Mackie. They travel with the help of Moby Dick and the whale named Captain Ahab. Honeybee brings The Ditch with he, travelling across the oceans, so the heroes could use it as a kind of transport. However, when the original native population return as ghosts, Bill Murray shows up with Space Force to bust them - along with Mackie and the recently deceased Captain Ahab the Whale. He has to go to Ukraine due to Russia's invasion, so the heroes agree to take him there with the island, so they can get Mackie back. RasPutin, leader of Russia, attacks Ukraine under the veil of 'destroying Nazism', so Hitler decides to also invade Ukraine. The NeS Heroes stage a meet-up between the two evil-doers and accidentally kill them. After conversing with their spirits through a ouija board, Hitler tells them the secret to his return from the grave was to use vegetable juice in his veins to animate his body. But before he could tell them how to attach his spirit to the body, Bill Murray busts him.

Did you know...
  • ...that Gebohq and Losien Simon are twin siblings, with Gebohq being born minutes before his sister?
The Books of NeS
Never-ending Story 1

This is where it all began. The origins of the Never-ending Story, from NeS1 Page 1 unto the climatic NeS1 Page 50 that saw the start of a new Thread. Back in the year 1999, the NeS thread was created from the ashes of another narrative and was visited by many posters of the Massassi Temple Forum. It went on to become a creative outlet for many tenacious Writers, spanning many Chapters with an array of wild, and often silly, Story Arcs. Several perennial Characters were introduced during this Book of the Story, from Semievil, The Last True Evil, Highemperor, Losien Simon and the titular Gebohq Simon. The earlier Chapters and Pages lacked focus and saw rapid rotation of Writers, it helped to plant the seeds that would gradually grow across Never-ending Story 1 that would find Writers increasingly invested in the Characters and Story.

Never-ending Story 2

NeS2 is also dubbed NeSquared and continues off from the events of NeS1 Page 50. Far-reaching Plot spreads through this Book, kicking off with the threatening Helebon of Hell. Other major villains become integral to the plot of the Book, such as Tsolo, Knowsoul, Taxman and the now twisted Michael McLongname. The villainy culminates with the continued narrative of The Last True Evil right to the finale on NeS2 Page 50. The role of Main Character switches hands, dropping from Gebohq Simon to his twin sister, Losien Simon, but Gebohq's evil doppelgänger from the NeShattered spin-off, Gebiyl - better known as Evil G - also thrusts himself into the main narrative. The Chapter "Memory Lane" revisits old posts from across NeS history, but adds new content and depth to old posts from new Writers.

Never-ending Story 3

NeS3, also dubbed NeS3-D is a "soft reboot" of the NeS, gently setting aside everything that came before by simply not bringing it up, but accepting everything happened, allowing new Writers and Readers to join in without a backlog of reading to do.

Judge (BG) WJH small.jpg

Currently on... Hero Force Ultimate

Current Page of Hero Force Ultimate.
The superhero team Hero Force One were once the premier superhero team on Earth before the final events of Hero Force One (Story) that left the team a shadow of its former self. They established a headquarters in the Biltmore Estate, where they ate pizza and played video games. However, an unexpected, and very personal, mission arrived; rescue Brittica from Hell, one of the founding members of Hero Force. The team sought help from Louis, commonly known as Acidspitter, because he is an incubus and a former Ruler of Hell, as Mr Nine. Along with Louis went Magick Snowflakes, Benjamin Mahir, Flax Hyperon, Ffion Heul and, as leader, a now powerless Seraphim, and joined by Winters, the robot sidekick to Brittica. Once in Hell, they were joined by P.I. Funguy, a former member of Hero Force One. During their journey, three others accompanied them; Mastema, Lilith and Namaah. Now they are approaching the Endless Well, where they believe Lucyfer is using Brittica's powers against the world.

Currently on... Clear and the Broken

Current Page of Clear and the Broken.

Clear now lives on Mars, but spends most of her days laying low and avoiding trouble - especially from bounty hunters. When a new group of bounty hunters, the Crystal Bounty Hunters, arrives on Mars, she has to avoid them and learn as much as she can to both evade and disband the group. However, unexpectedly she learns of another surviving Martian named Quiet, which shocks and confuses her.

Currently on... Legends of the NeSiverse

Current Page of Legends of the NeSiverse.

The various tales told in Legends of the NeSiverse range from the continuing adventures of King Arthur in Space Camelot, where he and the Knights of the Round Table have arrived on Algernon and the colonisation of the planet leads to the formation of Space Britain, yet not all is well with the other kings under Arthur's rule. In the series Greek Legends, men and gods clash across time in a long build up through the ages of Greece and Egypt towards the inevitable Trojan War. The likes of Athena and Poseidon interfere in the affairs of men, making them heroes, but many humans have their own agendas, including the First Man under the name of Aman Tabiz, which weaves events into the ancient period of Atlantis. Otherwise, the story of the High Imperial Remnants unfolds in the aftermath of the fall of Highemperor and the High Empire as Qemik and Pollos struggle for dominance, using the hapless Kim and Citizen Rex in their machinations. However, the High Imperial Remnants become embroiled in affairs surrounding the galactic struggle against the Greyarchy, which tethers them to the actions of the Witch-Wardens who use the Zero Sanction upon the homeworld of the Æon Knights, resulting in many knights losing their Soul-Channelling powers. Elsewhere, Mantle is learning of his powers to control the Threads of the NeSiverse, helped by Imhoptah. Finally, the random adventures of Marvellous Adventures of Xerxes Rumplekirk and Aellah the Æon Knight as they run through a series of shenanigans across all of time and space in pursuit of, or being pursued by, Tsou de Ming.

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