The Plothole

The Ditch is the latest home for the NeS Heroes, as of NeS3. It is an island situated somewhere between New Zealand and Australia and was bought by the Main Character, Losien Simon, for very cheap. It has an unusual penchant for people randomly appearing there at any given moment. The island consists of a variety of areas and facilities, most of which were established long before it became home to the NeS Heroes.


Island Geography



The facilities of the island are generally in a state of complete disrepair, with some areas being slightly better than others. The heroes are often to be seen trying to marginally improve the base whenever they're on downtime, such as painting walls of the Training Room[NeS3 1].


The island is a strange magnet for people to randomly appear, often when least wanted or expected[NeS3 1].


Training Room

The Training Room is a rundown training area that appears mostly dilapidated and cluttered with old junk, with parts of the walls and floor exposing once-secret compartments of now broken mechanized obstacles. The training room has a skylight, which was broken by Captain Pleiades in NeS1 Post 1[NeS3 1].


Never-ending Story 3 References