Tatooine is a planet located in the Outer Galaxies of the NeSiverse, not far from the Deep Void. It was once a beautiful and lush world before it was turned into a desert world by the passing of Typhon, one of the two primal dragons, in his rush to escape the universe. It serves as the seat of power of The Big O and the administrative centre for Big O's grand vizier, Fladnag the White.



TBA. The planet is frequently beset by sandstorms which can tear through flesh and render a person completely blind[Tales 1].


Tatooine serves as the seat of power for The Big O where he resides in his palace living his hedonistic lifestyle. Meanwhile it also serves as the administrative centre for Fladnag the White, who truly runs the cosmos in Big O's stead[Pan 1].


Big O's Palace

Big O's Palace is where Fladnag the White can usually be found in the throne room taking audience with those seeking some boon of the Big O[Pan 1].

Mos Eisley

Mos Eisley is a town surrounded by desert. Its inhabitants are used to unusual sights, seeing powerful beings travelling through the town on their way to meet with The Big O in his palace, and will turn a blind eye even to murder in the streets[Tales 1].


Britt's Commentary

"As with much of the Never-ending Story, Tatooine is a reference to the name of the Star Wars[Ext 1] planet also named Tatooine[Ext 2]. It is similar in its environment despite having a very dissimilar function. The town of Mos Eisley, added later, was also a homage back to the original Mos Eisley[Ext 3] of Star Wars canon." ~ Britt the Writer


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