Template:Story arcSpace Camelot is a mini-arc featured in Pantheons of the NeSiverse and revolves around the character King Arthur and his spaceship named Camelot. He and many of his people left his kingdom of Great Britain to travel into space and found a new kingdom on another planet.


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To the south-west of England is Tintagel Castle, the birthplace of King Arthur. Sometime after uniting the realm of Great Britain he decides to raise a colossal spacecraft from beneath Britain, which he and Merlin had found many years earlier. He gathers an informal meeting of his friends and family and they discuss his plan to leave Earth and venture into space. Few seem to believe his tale until he confirms that Merlin said it would work, in which case everyone agrees to go. Although Merlin the Younger believes she could work out how to lift the ship into space, the fastest route is to ask Morganna le Fay, Arthur's half-sister, to sacrifice her magical island of Avalon to power the ship. She ultimately agrees after some goading from Merlin the Younger and Guinevere. Guinevere is relieved that Morganna will go with them because she will take her and Arthur's incestuous son, Mordred. Guinevere was worried that Mordred would try to take Britain from her own son, Llacheu, while they were gone - but now Mordred can have his own kingdom somewhere else. Prince Llacheu, meanwhile, gets drunk in Castle Camelot as he celebrates his new-found freedom[Pan 1]. Morganna visits the castle after destroying her island but Arthur reveals that Merlin the Younger fixed the problem. He then agrees to sleep with her, her deepest desire, but then takes it back stating he was just joking. Suddenly upset she wakes up from the small nightmare[Pan 2]. To summon energy for the ship, Morgan must channel her power through Stonehenge, gaining extra energy from The Rift, and power it downwards into the ship below the Earth. Vivane aids in funnelling energy from The Rift to Morgan. High up atop Mount Snowdon, Merlin the Younger is watching for the spacecraft to rise with Shalott the Aes Sidhe witch, Sir Kay and Sir Bedivere. She is concerned about a lake monster and asks the others to watch for it. When the ship emerges from the water, however, they become distracted because it starts to take Ireland up into the sky on its back. Shalott sends a request to Vivane to get Morgan to move the ship aside. Ireland plummets back into the ocean and Shalott psychically requests aid from other Aes Sidhe to reform the rock beneath the land. Back with Morgan they see the ship finally in the sky but Sir Lancelot wonders how they'll ever reach it[Pan 3].

Prince Llacheu, Vivane and Shalott watch from the top of Castle Camelot as the spacecraft, now named Camelot too, sails away from the Earth. Aboard the ship they admire the moon as it comes into view from the conservatory. King Arthur heads to the Command Deck, after doodling obscenities on a stick-man drawing of Sir Bedivere. There he meets Merlin the Younger and Tom a'Lincoln, otherwise known as the Red Rose Knight. Tom is the captain of the ship after his years of service in Arthur's navy on Earth. He demonstrates how the ship works and before Merlin could stop him, Arthur pushes the first planet in the solar system. The ship lurches through space-time, the old warp system pins everyone to the wall. Once it stops they are now in orbit around Mercury[Pan 4].


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