Space Britain refers to the Crew of Camelot and the population under King Arthur during his quest to settle a new world away from the planet Earth. They left Britannia aboard the spacecraft named Camelot to colonise a new world and explore the Milky Way Galaxy. They were joined by other beings of other species, such as Andy from Venus and Admiral Ltexi from Jupiter.


The Royal Family

The rulers of Space Britain stem from the royal family. King Arthur is the ruler with his son, Prince Mordred, set to inherit. Arthur's son by Queen Guinevere inherited Britannia on Earth and not 'Space Britain'[Pan 1]. There are extended members of the royal family, in terms of siblings[Pan 2].

King Arthur | Queen Guinevere | Prince Mordred | Princess Guinevak

Government Leaders

Under King Arthur himself are several other kings who each rule their own smaller kingdoms within the larger kingdom of Space Britain (originally Britannia). Lesser titles also exist, such as dukes for duchies[Pan 2].

King Óenegus | King Urien | King Lot | King Caradoc | King Mark | Queen Iseult | Queen Morgause


Knights of the Round Table

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The Knights of the Round Table serve as guardians of both the royal family and of the realm itself[Pan 1]. They will take on many great challenges and quests and endeavour to do good works both in the name of honour and of God, if they are Christian[Pan 2][Pan 3].

Sir Kay | Sir Bedivere | Sir Lancelot | Sir Galahad | Sir The Black Knight | Sir The Faerie Knight | Sir Knight of the Red Rose | Sir Caelia | Sir Tristram | Sir Gawain | Sir Robin | Sir Greene Knight | Isolde of the White Hands | Sir Palamedes | The Red Cross Knight | Sir Britthomas | Sir Scottius | Sir Alistair | Sir Bors | Sir Aggravain | Sir Calogrevance | Sir Sagramore | Sir Percival | Sir Menw | Sir Lanval | Sir Balan | Sir Knight of the Two Swords | Sir Knight of the Castle of Maidens | Sir Flannedrius | Sir Marhaus


As well as army troops Space Britain also has sailors who have had to learn space flight not only for Camelot but also for the spaceboats[Pan 4]. When in battle they are normally infantry, marching to battle on foot[Pan 5].


As well as knights, Space Camelot consists of civilians made up mostly of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people from 500AD. Some civilians aid Arthur in his quests, such as his half-sister Morganna le Fay and the wizard Merlin the Younger[Pan 6]. Most of these people are concerned with the act of colonisation itself; setting up homes, farms, etc. A group, organised by King Mark and Queen Iseult, is specifically tasked with organising this effort[Pan 7].

Morganna le Fay | Merlin the Younger | Anglitora | The Lady | The Lady's Handmaids


Some people of Space Britain are expatriates, having left their own civilisations to join King Arthur's.

Andy | Gamma Pans | Newrias | Sebile


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