The Plothole

Soriel entered the Never-ending Story2 as a blood-thirsty killer, even killing most of the NeS Heroes at the time. However he would eventually change his ways through understanding and knowledge of the NeS and its mechanics, realising he wished to become more than he was. Originally from the planet Jupiter, Soriel would later learn that the Simon Family were the descendants for the throne of his homeworld, which was destroyed by The Otter and turned into the star Xerox. However soon after learning this he would give up his life to avoid a major continuity error with his Potential - Arkng Thand, a man he had long sought to overcome.



His murderous personality is such that he would happily cut down surrendered and defenceless foes[Pan 1].


Highemperor and Soriel's Adventures in SPAAAAAACE!!!

Highemperor and Soriel arrived on Tatooine where the de facto ruler of the NeSiverse, The Big O, resided in his palace and lived a life of hedonism. Highemperor arrived with the intention of defeating The Big O and taking his throne but he discovered that Big O doesn't care about ruling at all and had already given the job to Fladnag the White, his grand vizier. Fladnag put up no resistance and allowed Highemperor to take over, knowing that Highemperor would come crawling back eventually. Highemperor's supplicants arrived immediately, the first being Runekeeper who was seeking information about the god of magic on Earth. Highemperor is unable to help and dismisses Runekeeper. Runekeeper, however, is not the only one with a problem that Highemperor cannot solve and the new emperor of the NeSiverse became exasperated. Highemperor tried to delegate Soriel to become his grand vizier and do the job but Soriel warned him that he'd end up beheading most of the applicants. Highemperor called Fladnag back and returned power to him and Big O and, instead, would go off to make his own empire and get some experience ruling[Pan 1].


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