The Plothole

The Rui-bot is a model of android produced by Prime Inc. The whole model line was bought by Antestarr and they work primarily as assistants to his business ventures, both above and below legality. The bots are each given a designation from the Greek alphabet, such as Rui Alpha or Rui Beta. The bots reside in Antestarr's Asteroid Warehouse within the Kuiper Belt at the edge of the solar system where they continue to conduct business ventures even in his absence.



The Rui-bots, unlike most other robots, are designed to look identical to humans. Many wouldn't even be able to tell that they weren't humans if not for certain tell-tale signs, such as the faint seams upon the synthetic skin or the slight, unnatural pauses before they make new actions. They have white skin and almond shaped eyes that would make their ethnicity Chinese. They have bright pink hair that is worn, by all of them, in two pig-tails that extend right down to their knees. They all also wear the same clothes, a white jumpsuit with a single pink sash around the waist. Upon their foreheads are embedded stars that may appear to be trinkets but are actually power sources[CatH 1].



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Antestarr's Asteroid Warehouse

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The Fight of the Century of the Week

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When Antestarr was unexpectedly attacked by strange slime creatures[NeS1 1] he deduced that they must have originated from Earth after seeing them fly from Ares' Colosseum on the pay-per-view channel. So he left his assistant, the Rui-bots, in charge of the Asteroid Warehouse while he went off to seek vengeance for the attack[NeS1 2].

The Living Daylights

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Although Antestarr had been absent from the warehouse for a long time now, his Rui-bots continued to operate the facility and conduct trade deals, mostly illegal, with viable clients within the warehouse. One such client was Clear of The Hopeful who was in the market for a new ship. She, and her crewmates, came aboard the warehouse after traversing through the asteroids of the Kuiper Belt to make the deal[CatH 1].


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