One of the many Rui-Bots built by Prime Inc, Rui-Rho decided to travel aboard The Hopeful with the salmitton Clear instead of staying on Antestarr's Asteroid Warehouse. The Rui-Bots were all commissioned by Antestarr were they worked for his company, Conglomocorp, buying and selling and running the Asteroid Base in the Kuiper Belt. Rui-Rho has developed a bad habit for terrible jokes, which she will eagerly tell given even a moment's opportunity. She is somewhat simple-minded, lacking a great deal of common sense or awareness, but her logical capacity is incredible, able to perform mathematics with ease and her memory banks are extensive and accessed quickly for information retrieval.





Rui-Rho has a habit of telling really bad jokes, which she is stored a lot of in her memory banks, and will tell them at the slightly provocation to do so[CatH 1].



Rui-Rho is capable of piloting ships, including The Lightstaff[CatH 1].


The Living Daylights

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Before Clear took The Hopeful to the Cosmic Nullius she stopped at the planet Saturn to pick up two passengers. The first was a Krypton ambassador, Uppity Bags, and was picked up by Admiral Ltexi. The second was drow alchemist named Dhaeriend do'Ziikin and was picked up in The Lightstaff by Rui-Rho and Green. When Rui-Rho was asked to take Dhae to his room, she persisted in harassing him with bad jokes, much to his lamentation[CatH 1].


Clear and the Hopeless References

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