Template:Character Rob X arrived on NeS Page 1 during The Fight of the Century of the Week eager to take part in the battle challenges set forth by Ares, the God of War. Set in the Arena Rob X faced off against Ares himself, however he would later fall asleep in the bleachers of the Arena. Although Rob X is not one of the better known NeS Heroes, his pet Morris the Cat is an infamous Character that makes frequent appearances throughout the NeS timeline. Rob X met his end during his sleep at the hands of his friend, Gebohq Simon, who was high on seven-year-old twinkies and murdered Rob X.





The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Ares, the God of War, staged a competition within his colosseum for fighters to battle one another. Originally Ares fought against Gebohq Simon and Galvatron, however his focus turned on Rob X when he arrived in the Arena[1], accusing him of damaging Ares' Dodge Vipers[2]. During their battle, a friend of Rob X by the name of Cygnus X who was in the audience, wanted to help Rob X against Ares. Cygnus X used his power to project an energy-based X shape to pin down the God of War. Ares, however, chose to ignore the attack from Cygnus X and time rewound. However this put Cygnus X back into a state of wishing to help his friend and repeating his actions - placing the entire Arena in a time loop. The timeloop was only broken when Zuljin, seeing through the timeloop, managed to teleport himself out of the Arena and thus break its lock over everyone[1].

Ares threw Rob X into a deep lava pit and, assuming Rob X was dead, went to harass the audience. Rob, however, was not dead and took the opportunity to meditate on Ares' weaknesses. Eventually he hit on an idea and went into the Sports Garage of the Colosseum where Ares kept his expensive cars - a lot of which were various Dodge Vipers. After attracting Ares' attention through the security cameras, Rob X hid in the ventilation shaft. Rob X then used an explosive switch to detonate explosives in the roof, a switch given to him by Cygnus X (suggesting it was Cygnus X that planted the explosives). The roof collapsed and destroyed all of Ares' cars, which broke the god's heart[1].

Not enough, however, to win the match. However as the two continue to fight, Rob X was unexpectedly attacked by a Blob[3]. He was temporarily saved from the blob by Zuljin, who chopped the blob into pieces. Unfortunately the blob merely became many blobs and started rampaging in the Arena[4]. Miss Fire tempted the blobs out of the Arena with popcorn, sending the popcorn and the blobs into space[5]. Rob X used one of his special techniques to create a mimic of himself to help him fight against Ares. However the god was too fast even when Rob X double-teamed[6]. Ares then threw Rob X into orbit for a whole two months. How Rob X survived, or what everyone else did for two months, is unknown[7]. After returning to Earth, Rob X was able to sever Ares' hands - though the god has regenerative powers and was able to grow them back eventually[8].

In search of his owner, "Robert", Morris the Cat appeared in the bleachers of the colosseum besides Gebohq Simon[9]. As the rules of the battles change, Gebohq found himself facing against Rob X in the Arena. However they are suddenly berated by Polly Simon, "Geb's mom", for playing rough. To avoid continued harassment, Rob X abruptly punted her out of the Arena, prompting zero complaint from Gebohq himself[10]. Because of the tag rules of the fights, Rob X decided to tag in Enchilada Man and, instead, went into the bleachers to go to sleep[11]. After some time, Gebohq himself tagged out and also went to sleep alongside Rob X[12].

Much later, after many events within the Arena - all of which Rob had slept through - Gebohq Simon had eaten seven-year-old-twinkies which caused temporary insanity within him. Because of this Gebohq murdered Rob X in his sleep[13].


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