Template:CharacterPrincess Aurora Briarose is the heir to Algernon and a prominent member, and symbol, of the Rebel Alliance. She has ALS, however, and expects an early grave despite the greatest medical treatments in the Perseus Arm. She is technically an heir to the throne of Great Britain as she is a descendent of King Arthur by his incestuous son Mordred. This also makes her the elusive thirteenth carrier family of bloodink.



She has white skin and light purple hair[CatH 1].

She wears tight-fitting trousers and knee-high boots. Her jacket has a very high collar that covers her ears and has gloves attached to the sleeves. The jacket extends out the back with a single slit, much like a cross tuxedo and a trenchcoat, and it has brass buttons down the front. It has exceptionally padded shoulders and is coloured white save for the brass buttons[CatH 1].





Aurora keeps her sword, Excalibur, with her at all times, even when frozen in stasis[CatH 1].


Hero Force One

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Clear and the Hopeless

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After being sent away from Earth, her casket was bound for Algernon. However her casket was intercepted by Strang's Fleet which stands between Earth and the remains of Algernon. Her casket was placed in the medical bay of The Hopeful, which was planned to be the primary medical ship for Strang's Fleet. After being placed the Strang sends an elite squadron of stormtroopers, led by Captain Kraftlight, for security. However Clear, the captain of The Hopeful, and her mischievous friend Pully, decide they want to open the casket and, despite protestations from Dr Alexis Thrain, manage to get it open. Plly instantly recognises Aurora and fears that they truly are in trouble[CatH 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Aurora's name comes from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty[Ext 1] in which she is named Aurora in some versions or Briar Rose in others. Aurora was always meant as a major plot device and is one of the few characters that connections the continuity between many aspects of NeS lore. From her place in the HFO Story, to her major role in CatH and her lineage making her connected to the Space Camelot mini-arc. She has a very real world disease and my inclusion of this was to show how progression of technology doesn't have to mean a perfect utopian world free of illness. It also makes her a very dependent character, who comes to rely on Clear, despite her having a great deal of sway and power." - Britt the Writer


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