A Potential is a Character that has reached their "potential", such as the potential to become an ultimate warrior, overcome some flaw of their original character or achieved some higher state of being. These Characters can either occur naturally through the eventual evolution of the Character or through some major event - such as Apple becoming Chronos. Potentials are known to reside at the Demesne on Page 3 of the NeShattered and can be "unlocked" early and will be present in the Never-ending Story alongside their "unPotential", or original, counterparts - such as Losien Simon and Gwenhwyfar. Potentials often exhibit a much greater array of powers and talents than their unPotential, though not always. Sometimes they may represent a single aspect of a character in a much more highlighted or exaggerated fashion. Arkng Thand is considered to be the Potential for all Humanity.

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