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The mother of both Gebohq and Losien Simon is Polly Simon, often known as "Mrs Simon" or just "Geb's Mom". She was briefly introduced during NeS Page 2 when she proceeded to nag her son and was subsequently booted out of the Arena by Rob X, Gebohq's friend. Throughout the Never-ending Story and the Never-ending Story2 she would make briefly appearances, however she would become a major character on NeS2 Page 41 when she joined her granddaughter, Apple, and tried to get her or Losien Simon to become ruler of Jupiter - which had been destroyed some Pages ago and transformed into Xenos. She used up the wish of Yaba Baga (name?) to become young again and then continued with the NeS Heroes, still trying to get either Losien or Apple to join her cause. Ultimately she proceeded to attempt to break the relationship between her daughter and her lover, The Last True Evil.



When Polly was first introduced as "Geb's Mom" she was old, sporting a grey bun as her hairstyle. She was also wearing an apron[NeS1 1].


Although protective of her son, she is also critical of him for getting himself into trouble[NeS1 1].

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The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Polly Simon made a brief visit on NeS1 Page 2 when she arrived in Ares' Colosseum to chastise both her son, Gebohq Simon, and his friend, Rob X, for playing too rough. To end her tirade Rob X punted her straight out of the Arena - sending her flying through the air. Gebohq showed zero remorse for his friend's actions[NeS1 1].


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