Phoenix Tram was an X-Krypton from the planet Saturn.



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Physically the Kryptons are humanoid but much taller. Despite their height they are supported by spindly thin legs and have a squat torso from which a childlike head protrudes. They also have small, child-sized hands from their long arms. Gamma Pans has obsidian black skin and red irises. Kryptons' shoulders are so small they are hardly visible where the arms meet the torso[Pan 1].


Phoenix Tram wears the kryptonite crystalline armour of the Kryptons that is incredibly hard and durable. He has a decorative ruff of green crystal around his neck[Pan 1].


Like the other X-Krypton Custodians, Phoenix Tram tried to emulate the alien culture of the visiting humans to better welcome them to her world[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Phoenix' name was designed to appear culturally similar to the name of Gamma Pans." ~ Britt the Writer


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