Pan Page 2 opens with the continuation of the mini-arc God-Monarchs: Origins, explaining the origins of the 12 God-Monarchs and why they joined that particular cabal. The page also sees the continuation and final post to the mini-arc Indra (Story Arc) where it merges into Clear and the Hopeless.

God-Monarchs: Origins

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Posts 44, 47, 56, 66, 68

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Clash of the 'Ages

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Remnants of the High Empire

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Time-Lock Event

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The Story of Ameryl

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As part of the main series of The Story of Ameryl, Pan Post 58 sees Ameryl Hypericum at a restaurant on the planet Algernon where she is enjoying high-class society. She is interrupted by the mysterious Morthrandur who offers her a gift; a pair of nunchakus named Mors Dei. He explains that she will use the nunchakus to balance the power between two major Multiversal empires as Mors Dei contain the spark of anti-power. Mors Dei were once in the hands of Count Desmond and Jim Seven before placed in the hands of Ameryl Hypericum[Pan 1].

Space Camelot

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In Space Camelot, King Arthur grows bored looking at the planet Mercury so Camelot jumps to the next planet of the Solar System; Venus. A team, led by Sir Lancelot, is sent down to the planet after the first team was melted by the acid rain of the planet. Prince Mordred collects samples on behalf of Sir Bedievere when they come across a rock-man that Sir Lancelot tries to attack. He quickly found his weapon useless but also that the rock-man is docile and gentle. Merlin the Younger names the rock-man Andy when he comes aboard Camelot and the ship jumps first back to Earth and then onto the next planet, Mars, only to find themselves surrounded by a massive alien fleet.

The Centre of Magic

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Atlantean Saga

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