The Plothole
Otter the Writer
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First Appearance NeS1 Post 120 | NeS1 Page 3
Story Arcs The Fight of the Century of the Week
Characters The Otter

Otter the Writer has been a Writer for the Never-ending Story since its earliest years and was primarily responsible for the Character The Otter but was also the Writer that introduced Canada as Hell.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

See also: The Fight of the Century of the Week

Desperate to get his hands on some Coke[Ext 1], Semievil333 the Writer gets to a vending machine but is out of money[NeS1 1]. He is thrilled to see a soda truck show up. Otter the Writer showed up in a Dr Pepper[Ext 2] truck with Mel Brooks[Ext 3] while they were disguised as Jar Jar Binks[Ext 4] and Qui-Gon Jinn[Ext 5]. They had decapitated the original drivers of the truck but instead of attacking Semievil333 the Writer, who had expected it, they just sped off[NeS1 2]. MaybeChild is unhappy about the posts that Otter the Writer made during her absence[NeS1 3] and she chases him down with a bat. A tour group are at the ISB Offices, however, and MaybeChild the Writer becomes distracted by the tour guide's large breasts, trips on Semievil333 the Writer's empty coke can, and breaks Gebohq the Writer's computer[NeS1 4]. Unlike Otter the Character, who drinks everything, Otter the Writer stated that he only drinks Bacardi[Ext 6] after Gebohq the Writer offered him rum[NeS1 5]. When The Editor asks for new ideas on the direction for the Story, Otter the Writer and Gebohq the Writer both suggest turning the story into a porno. The Editor, however, rejects their proposal and asks if they wanted to be fired. At that point Antestarr the Writer gleefully shouts yes, so Otter the Writer knocks him out with a petrified Peep[Ext 7] to keep him quiet[NeS1 6].


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