The Plothole
The Plothole

The spacestation known as Orbital One is in orbit around the planet Earth and is the home to Earth's mightiest heroes; Hero Force One. The government budget of Hero Force One is truly demonstrated through the construction and continued use of this spacestation as it not only cost a huge amount of money to build but also maintain. Few Characters are actually needed aboard the station as it is mostly managed by CynthAI, an artificial intelligence with a very quirky personality. The station has nanites that are able to not only repair the station quickly, but also remodel should the need arise. However it isn't expect to be a combat station and has little in the way of defences. During the Missing: Earth Story Arc, the station was relocated, along with a portion of the galaxy, to the Deep Void and was severely damaged by the Prophetim of Ordimar.



It is very large, being at least fifty-times as large as a standard human satellite[HFO 1].


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Orbital One is located in orbit around the planet Earth. Also orbiting Earth are the far smaller satellites. Earth is the third planet of the Sol System in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy and has one moon, sometimes called Luna. It is home to humanity[HFO 1] and the civilisation of the United States of America, which constructed Orbital One.


Sometimes known as the Mission Room, "Command" is the room where the team meets to discuss their objectives and mission parameters. It is a circular room with a large holo-projector at the centre. The walls have machines and many, many displays that project different pieces of information - including one dedicated to video games. The room is filled with constant blips and blops from the machinery. The room has seats for the heroes to sit down around the projector[HFO 2].

Transporter Room




Qhobeg's Room

The room of Qhobeg #2 had a king sized bed. As with most rooms, it has a large window that offers ample view of the planet below[HFO 1].


Warp Core

Orbital One has a warp core, which threatens to explode at least once a week. However, nobody understands why this happens, or even why the station has a warp core to begin with; it being a station and not moving[HFO 1].

Communications Terminals

When they don't have personalised communicators, Hero Force members use terminals that are found in every room to both speak with other terminals, or to the station's A.I.. Speaking to the A.I. does not necessarily require a terminal[HFO 1].


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