There is a short Non-Story Note at the beginning of NeShattered Post 50 that makes clear that this post is from Highemperor the Writer, despite being posted by Gebohq the Writer. He also says the Story needs more Writers and Characters. In NeSHattered Post 29, The Last True Answerer had detected someone in the forest and now Shattered Gebohq acknowledges he had already noticed the presence. Gebohq says that this being will watch those who give themselves prominence within the Story and when TLTA asks if he is watching Gebohq, Gebohq says that the being is here for TLTA and leaves. The Sepulchral Phantom then approaches TLTA. Highemperor is dead to all, save TLTA. Losien is just a memory. Absolver, the better half of The Last True Evil, now a reminder of what could have been.


(NSP: This post is from Highemperor. As for the rest of you, we need some more new "heroes" -- heck, we just need at least another writer or two! Like MZZT and Ford have .)

Geb: *staring straight into the trees, away from TLTE and the perceived threat* Yes, I know.

TLTA: What? You... know?

Geb: Indeed. It is the curse of all those who thrust themselves into prominency, be it for the sake of the story or not. We are watched, to make sure that we do not overstep our bounds.

TLTA: So... he is watching you?

Geb: Not 'he', but think rather, 'it'. And no, friend, it is here... for you.

TLTA: Me?!

Geb turns about-face to stare TLTA straight in the eye with a piercing look. The shadows of all those dead haunt his visage, in unison with the shadows that play across his face.

Geb: Indeed. It is time for you, TLTE, the Answerer, to be Answered.

With that, Geb is gone, and TLTA is alone. A figure standing at at least 7 or 8 feet in height steps out of the woods, in a dark blue (almost black) robe, its visage sheathed in shadow by a hood that never moves in the wind. A hand so gaunt and ghastly as to be skeletal points a single, condemning finger at TLTA. And in conjunction with this act, three shades stride slowly, one by one, out of the woods, directed by this, the Sepulchral Phantom.

First, Highemperor, dead to all save TLTA, who refuses to let him die and pass into the merciful slumber he so richly desires.

Second, Losien, the only thing ever worth anything in TLTE's former life, now reduced to haunting his memories like a ghost bedecked in all her preternatural glory.

And third, Absolver, his better half, literally, the only part of him that ever smiled or laughed or cried, that ever felt or loved or cared: but now nothing than a painful reminder of who he could have been, of the person he had sacrificed in order to fulfill his mad quest...

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