The Plothole
The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 60, Iriana decides to take action given that Losien, Aladdyn and CopyKAT are all drowning in the ocean. She drinks a special blend of her tea and jumps in, shocking Newb. Her tea has granted her great speed and strength, allowing her to grab Aladdyn, Losien and a random, cute fish. Honeybee drops a rope ladder and she is able to rescue her friends. Newb is impressed, but Iriana confesses she has run out of that tea, but has herbal tea to prevent hypothermia. When asked about the fish, Iriana has decided to adopt it. The fish is, however, CopyKAT and, unable to now breathe, he transforms back into a pug, knocking both him and Iriana to the deck. Honeybee complains about pains on her deck after the incident with the LEGOs in NeS3 Post 52.


Iriana: "It's time for one of my special blends."

She very calmly and daintily sips some tea, then carefully sets her teacup down. She rolls up her sleeves in an attempt to look like a gritty hero, then dives into the ocean. She was going for a graceful swan dive, but it's closer to a cannonball.

Newb: "Iriana, what the hell? You'll get yourself killed!"

On the contrary, Iriana is astonishingly possessed of great strength and speed now, She hooks an arm through the loop of Aladdyn's chain (one end held by him, the other end hooked into his pantaloons), and snags Losien's collar with her other hand. Seeing a pretty fish she wants to take as a pet, she gently but firmly holds its tail between two fingers.

Then she swims back to the ship, where Honeybee has helpfully let down a rope ladder to let her climb up, bearing her rescuees.

Char: "Miss Iriana, that was spectacular."

Newb: "What the hell is in that tea?"

Iriana: "Unfortunately I'm all out of that blend now. Fortunately I have some herbal blends that will help Losien and Aladdyn recover from impending hypothermic shock!"

Wai: "Why are you holding a fish?"

The fish that is CopyKAT is wriggling furiously, as though trying to swim through the air.

Iriana: "It's pretty, so I'm adopting it as a pet! Is there a fishbowl around here?"

CopyKAT Thought: Gasp, can't breathe all of a sudden, gasp. Oh wait, I can shapeshift.

The fish transforms into a pug. The sudden weight causes Iriana to pitch over, landing on top of the pug who lands solidly on the deck.

Iriana: "Ow."

CopyKAT Thought: Ow.

CopyKat: "Woof!"

Honeybee: "Ow! My deck is very sensitive after all those Legos, you know, be more careful!"