The Plothole
The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 53, Losien commends Char on their new plan, which they put down to being proficient in psychology. Newb, however, asserts that she doesn't need to be a psychologist to know that Wai is crazy. Char's plan is to build a maze from the LEGOs that Newb used in NeS3 Post 52, thereby occupying Wai for the duration of the trip. Aladdyn and Iriana construct the maze on Honeybee's deck, but Aladdyn traps himself in the maze too. He calls out that he'll be fine if he just builds himself signposts with the LEGO to tell him which way to go.


Losien: "Brilliant idea, Char. How'd you think of it?"

Char: "Well, I do have some knowledge in psychology."

Newb: "I don't need to be a psychologist to know he's psycho."

At Char's behest, Iriana and Aladdyn picked up all the Legos and made a gigantic maze out of them on the ship's deck. Wai is now happily wandering amidst the labyrinthine passageways, no longer threatening to go insane.

Newb: "But since Aladdyn got lost in there, I don't care. Great idea!"

Char: "Er… thanks?"

Aladdyn L. Quirk: *in the distance* "Don't worry about me, friend! I'm using excess Legos to build signs to direct me out of here! Let's see, I'll arrange this one to say That Way. Foolproof plan!"

Losien signs. Newb snickers. Iriana sips her tea.