The Plothole
The Plothole

NeS3 Post 49's dialogue is an extended parody of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, but revolving around the heroes playing Mario Party. Wai is shocked that Losien would betray him and join Newb's team against him. Losien says from her point of view Team Wai is evil, mixing up her lines with the movie lines, and changes her stance to her wanting to win - and when Wai sees his only ally then is Aladdyn, he understands Losien's position. At the end of the next mini-game, only Wai and Losien remain and have to waggle their console controllers to win. Wai declares that he has the high ground and that Losien couldn't possibly win, but Losien shouts that he underestimates her Nintendo Power. Wai knocks her character out of the game and wins. Losien then, still reflecting the movie, overloads on her Nintendo Power and spontaneously combusts.


The Power of Nintendo

Using something Losien called “Nintendo Power” she had now not only rigged the Gamecube[Ext 1] to allow six players (though everyone was forced to squint at the screen when playing Mario Kart[Ext 2], as it was divided up into six little squares for each player) she rigged it up to use the motion control waggle sticks of a Wii[Ext 3].

And they were playing Mario Party[Ext 4]. Infamous for ending friendships.

Wai: “You were the chosen one, Losien!”

Losien glared at Wai sinisterly.

Wai: “You said you would destroy Team Newb, not join them!”

From behind Losien, Newb, Iriana and Char turn and grin manically at Wai. At least he assumed Char was grinning manically behind the surgical mask.

Wai: “You were supposed to bring balance to the power stars[Ext 5]!! Not leave me with none!”

Losien: “From my point of view, Team Wai is evil!”

Wai: “Evil!?”

Losien: “I mean, you’re going to lose. And I want to win.”

Wai looked at his only remaining teammate. Aladdyn smiled with an absent stare.

Wai: “Okay. I can’t argue with that.”

The next mini game popped up and everyone is knocked out, except for Wai and Losien.

Wai: “Don’t do it, Losien. I have the high ground!”

Losien: “You underestimate my NINTENDO POWER!”

She waggled her Wii stick furiously. Wai did likewise.

Losien’s Mario Party character is smacked off the screen.

Losien fell to her knees.

Wai: “I loved you like a brother, Losien!”

Char: “While I approve of advances in gender fluidity, I feel that word might not—”

Losien bursts into flame.

Everyone Else: “Holy fu--!”


Britt's Commentary

"The dialogue in this post is a parody of the dialogue used in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith[Ext 6]. Nintendo Power is actually a joke reference to the Nintendo Power[Ext 7] magazine." ~ Britt the Writer


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