In NeS3 Post 32, it is suddenly night and the moon appears to be impossibly large. Chris the Bad Guy is still waiting in what he now calls The Pit of Peril for Losien Simon to arrive for their showdown. Losien, meanwhile, is still in the Waterfall Cavern, as per NeS3 Post 22. The Narrator recognises the signs of what is about to happen, though in disbelief - the two of them start to sing, reminiscent of a Disney musical. The words are generic, vapid words about being alone and dreaming under the same sky. Ultimately, Chris is hopeful to see Losien again, but Losien is the opposite and hopes never to see him again.


Somewhere Out There

Elsewhere, back at what he's dubbed "The Pit of Peril", Chris the Bad Guy still waits for someone to return. He stares up at the domed, broken skylight and into the large pale full moon.

Wait, it's night time already?

Chris the Bad Guy: "I sure am all alone..."

Back in the cave, Losien pokes a pool of water as she stares up through an opening and towards the same far-too-large-to-be-scientifically-accurate moon.

Is this really happening?

Losien: "I wonder where they are..."

Music starts to play...

Oh no. They're going to sing.

Chris the Bad Guy:

"Somewhere, out there,

Beneath the pale moonlight,

someone's thinking of me

and loving me tonight..."


"Somewhere out there,

someone's saying a prayer

that we'll find one another

and then meet somewhere out there...

And even though I know

how very far apart we are,

it helps to think we might be wishing

on the same bright star..."

Chris the Bad Guy:

"And when the night

will start to sing a lonesome lullaby,

it helps to think we're sleeping

underneath the same big sky!"

Cue camera cut of the two side by side. Please make this stop.

Losien / Chris the Bad Guy:

"Somewhere out there..."

Chris the Bad Guy:

"If love can see us through!"


("Can see us through...")

Chris the Bad Guy:

"Then we'll be..."

Losien / Chris the Bad Guy:


somewhere out there,

out where dreams

come true...."

The music ends. Thank God.

Chris the Bad Guy: *wistfully* "I hope to see Losien again soon..."

Losien: "If there's one person I'm be happy to never see again at least, it'll be Chris..."


Britt's Commentary

"This is a parody of a Disney musical[Ext 1] scene." ~ Britt the Writer


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