In NeS3 Post 28, Iriana Emp had seemingly, and suddenly, been declared captain of the alien space pirates instead of Pleiades. Newb had been shooting at the aliens from a distance and now, in NeS3 Post 29, lip-reads what they're all saying with incredulity. She is surprised to discover she can lip-read, not knowing much of her past, but ignores it so she can rush across the beach towards the NeS Heroes and the aliens. She doesn't trust this pirate crew at all, given how easily and quickly they change allegiances. As she runs, however, a dark aura appears around her and glowing tendrils dance about her head, a dark and ominous, and unknown quality that is spurred by Newb's love for Iriana. When she reaches the group, while everyone else is horrified by this monstrous visage, Iriana recognises Newb and brightens up. They rush to meet and, smiling to each other, Newb's nasty sandstorm dissipates and Iriana casually informs Newb that she is going to become a captain.


The Scenic Approach

Seeing the events unfold before her, Newb reads the lips of those talking, it takes her a moment to be surprised that she knows how to read lips ... she shrugs it off, beginning to understand that she will find out many new things about herself, seeing as she doesn’t know a lot about herself.

Shaking her head, the realisation of Iriana becoming the captain of this crew of alien pirates baffles her. Weighing the pros and cons in her head, she begins to sprint towards them, legs pounding hard against the soft sand leaving a storm of sand behind her with each crash of her feet against the floor.

It quickly becomes apparent that there would be perks to having a crew of alien pirates under their command, but the training which suppressed her emotions was weakening against her growing love for Iriana. She didn’t want to put Iriana in that position, I mean, look how easily they betrayed their current captain? The battle of logic and emotion raged inside her, fuelling her body to run faster and faster.

Ahead of her, Iriana and the group begin to hear the steadily increasing thudding of Newbs feet. Confused as to the source of this tremendous racket, the two separate groups turn their heads in unison towards the sound, the scene before them was a sight to behold.

Small explosions of sand erupted from the ground, creating a hurricane of dust, at the centre of which was a blurred black figure vibrating with movement. A dark, deep fire of glowing tendrils wildly dancing around the head. Those watching stood in awe, shortly before realising this thing was coming towards them, panic jolted through their veins.

Iriana however, simply smiled. It was Newb!! She begins running towards her. The comparison was comical enough to make each member relax a little, Iriana’s delicate and stumbling run through the sand looked so hilariously different to the force of nature running towards them. Arms and legs flailing around her, Newb recognises Iriana’s run and slows to a stop.

The pair of them stand before each other, grins in their faces. The remains of the sand fall gently around them, glistening in the light of the just setting sun. It was beautiful.

IRIANA: Newb Newb! I’m going to be a captain!

Newb sighs ...

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