In NeS3 Post 14, the villains heard an explosion at the abandoned repair hangar on The Ditch, which went off in NeS3 Post 12, and the alien space pirates charged towards the hangar. The Australian Robots had decided, in NeS3 Post 9, to return and regroup with the other villains, though the Robo-Ringmaster was left behind and captured by the NeS Heroes. Now they arrive back to find Chris the Badguy alone, who believes they have returned to check on his well-being after hearing the explosion. MacDonald thinks they should probably check out the explosion, but Chris thinks they should stay and protect him, speaking as though it was the idea of Electro the Hobo and Electro just accepts it and settles down, as do the rest. Chris asks Grills if she cooks meat because he's hungry, and she affirms and tells him he is not the only hungry one. Despite her not having eyes, Chris thinks she winked at him.


Programmed to Putz

Shortly after the alien pirate crew runs out through one exit of the former training space, the Australian robot clowns saunter in through an entrance on the other side. The robots survey the area.

E-Dingo: "Looks like the lady and her friends aren't here."

Zig: "And no non-natives either."

Zag: "By which we mean aliens. Because we're from Earth."

Chris the Bad Guy: "Ah, I see you robots are back! Logically, of course, as you must have heard that noise and been concerned for my safety."

The robots look at each other. Those that have eyebrows raise them.

MacDonald: "I was wondering about that. I guess we'll need to check that out now."

Electro the Hobo: "No. way. ... We. should-"

Chris the Bad Guy: "--stay and protect me. Yes! Very good, verrrry logical. Cold and calculating are respectable bad guy traits."

Electro the Hobo stops, stares, and resigns with a drag of his cigarette, plopping himself down by the wall. The others robots, lacking better direction, similarly settle down.

Chris the Bad Guy: "Where's that ringleader of yours, by the way?"

The robots, just noticing that their leader isn't among them, shrug their shoulders. Those that have shoulders at least. Chris the Bad Guy turns his attention to Grills.

Chris the Bad Guy: "So, uh, do you do meat? I'm kind of hungry."

Grills: "You bet I do, and you're not the only one hungry." ;)

Chris the Bad Guy: "I don't see any eyes and yet I think I was just winked at..."

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