The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 139, Newb fired her bazooka at Aladdyn whilst inside Honeybee. Though she is a superlambanana, she also had a helicopter on her head at Iriana's suggestion. So the projectile hit the wall and caused Honeybee to whizz around like a popped balloon. Eventually, the inflated condoms that Aladdyn had brought manage to close the gap and Losien asks that they take a vow of silence that this ever happened. Iriana reports that they're still over Sydney and that the necroids are headed to the building where the Australian survivors are. Losien comes up with a plan and wants to know if Honeybee could turn into a giant mobile phone. Moments later and Losien is dangling down the side of the giant, flying Honeybee-phone with Newb holding the grappling hook. Losien jumps around to select the options and finally presses the option to turn on the 5G. This starts to attract all of the 5G Zombies to the area. The Galactitrons, led by STARgaze and CopyKAT, follow them in search of Necroman. Amongst the 5G Zombies are Bucket Head and Doctor Z, though the zombies barely pay attention to them, despite Bucket Head ordering them around. Bucket Head notices that Doctor Z now had some kind of bucket-helmet on his head, which Doctor Z explains to be Cera-Bro. He reveals it has the voice and personality matrix of Michael Cera. Before Bucket Head could remark how stupid that is, they are both trampled by the Galactitrons. Necroman, along with some necroids, has now reached the top of the skyscraper where the Prime Minister of Australia is.


Forward, Homo Superior!

Just like a popped balloon, or other inflatables for that matter, Honeybee went whizzing through the air with a loud squeaking of pressurised air escaping through a tiny hole. A hole made by Newb’s bazooka. The helicopter atop of the head of the superlambanana[Ext 1] was spinning furiously.

The “heroes”, and I use that term loosely given their string of fuck ups—

Losien: “Hey!”

The heroes are clinging for dear life to the innards of the wayward transforming superlambanana robot, lest they wind up flying out of the hole.

Iriana: “This… is… not… very… dignified!!”

Newb: “This… is… all… Aladdyn’s… fault!”

Losien: “You… fired… the… bazooka!”

Everything came to a very sudden stop and the heroes all faceplanted the floor with a series of uncomfortable sounding slaps of skin on cold metal.

Iriana whined like a puppy as she rubbed her face.

Iriana: “What happened?”

Aladdyn: “My balloons!”

Over at the hole the ‘balloons’ that Aladdyn had inflated earlier were now huddled up and blocking the hole.

Newb: “Saved by Aladdyn’s inflated condoms?”

Losien: “We should all now take a vow of silence to never speak of this moment ever again.”

Newb: “Seconded.”

Arnold: “Third…ed?”

Iriana: “Honeybee’s monitor shows we high up, but not far from Sydney still. I can see the necroids are all swarming the city though… going to that building where the survivors are…”

She was still rubbing her sore nose.

Losien: “They’ll die without our help.”

Arnold: “But what can we do? There’s so many.”

Losien then smirked.

Losien: “I have an idea…”

Newb: “I’m afraid to ask…”

Losien: “Honeybee, can you turn into a mobile phone? A really big, powerful one?”

Newb: “Now I’m really afraid to ask…”

Honeybee: “I don’t see why not. Do you need to call someone?”

Losien: “Not quite…”

A short time later and Honeybee has flown to just above the necromist and turned into a massive mobile phone, albeit still with her helicopter to keep them from falling into the cloud. Hanging down the front of the Honeybee-phone is Losien, dangling from Newb’s grappling hook. Newb is up the top holding it.

Newb: “You need to cut back on the cheese and crackers, jeez!”

Losien: “Hey!”

She kicked off the phone and Newb swung the rope, allowing Losien to realign herself. Her boots smacked the ‘settings’ button on the phone screen.

Newb: “This has to be one of the most stupid things we’ve ever done…”

Losien: “I dunno, shooting a bazooka inside our ride was pretty stupid. Twice.”

Honeybee: “At least the sleigh wasn’t alive. I, on the other hand…”

Newb: “Okay, okay. Sorry I almost killed you Honeybee. I’m more sorry I failed to kill Aladdyn.”

Losien swung again and hit the ‘network settings’ button.

Losien: “One last swing!”

Honeybee: “That’s what all the married men say, but in the end they always want more!”

Losien: “Gross, Honeybee.”

Newb: “Such a prude, Losien.”

Losien’s boots hit the final option on the phone screen. The network was selected.


Nearby, on the outskirts of Sydney, the Galactitrons are surprised to see something non-necroid shuffling by.

Stargaze: “What… are those?”

CopyKAT: “I think they’re the 5G Zombies… wherever they’re going, I bet that’s where Necroman ran off to! Let’s follow them.”

Entering the city, the swarms of 5G Zombies were attracted to the powerful 5G signal coming from the Honeybee-phone. As they had done since they were created, they started to fight with the necroids, slowing them down.

Bucket Head: “Forward! In the same of homo superior!”

Doctor Z rose an eyebrow (or what’s left of his eyebrow).

Doctor Z: “I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to fight in the name of your favourite porn magazine…”

Bucket Head spluttered.

Bucket Head: “That’s not--! I mean, I know we always had something… special, but…”

Doctor Z: “We do?”

Bucket Head: “But we are worlds apart on the subject of our race’s supremacy!”

Doctor Z: “Yeah, well. Luckily none of these guys can even understand you.”

The 5G Zombies, undead and brainless (some literally), just shuffled by and paid neither Bucket Head nor Doctor Z any attention.

Bucket Head grumbled, but then noticed that Doztor Z had some kind of non-bucket helmet on.

Bucket Head: “What is that?”

Doctor Z: “Oh! I call it Cera-bro!!”

Bucket Head:Cerebro[Ext 2]? Interest—”

Doztor Z: “No, no. Cera-bro! Listen!”

Bucket Head leaned down and through Cera-bro’s audio speakers he could hear a voice.

Cera-bro: “The zombies might be going that way, but, like, maybe not. I was looking the other way.”

Bucket Head: “Is that… Michael Cera[Ext 3]?”

Doctor Z: “Cera-bro!”

Bucket Head: “That is the most ridiculous—”

A moment later and Galactitrons trampled the two sapient 5G Zombies on their way to bash necroids.

Cera-bro: “That was not cool, and I think I peed myself.”

Doctor Z: “No, Cera-bro… that was me.”

Despite all this commotion, the necroids have continued to climb the skyscraper. They finally managed to barged their way to the rooftop. The soldiers and cops had shot as many as their ammo allowed, but now there was no ammo, there was no backup.

One of the politicians there was the current Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison.

Other politician: “Who?”

Scott Morrison: “Don’t start that again. Where’s this genie? I thought he saved us with those robots!?”

Other politician: “Seems the robots are caught up fighting down below!”

Then, the necroids stopped and moved out of the way of the door to the stairwell, pulling their fallen dead out of the way. Some of the necroids even threw the dead ones over the side of the building with a giggle.

From the doorway peeped a head.

Necroman: “Peekaboo. I see you.”


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