The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 137, Honeybee turned into a superlambanana and in NeS3 Post 138 she starts whacking the necroids around. In NeS3 Post 139, when she stamps around, she crushes necroids into a bloodied pulp. Newb hopes that the Australian people won't go extinct before they manage to defeat Necroman. Losien asks if Honeybee could fly away, but Honeybee says she can't fly without parts for flying. Aladdyn shouts they need balloons, though Iriana suggests a helicopter hat she saw in a cartoon. Aladdyn suddenly shows up with "balloons" but everyone realises that they're inflated condoms. Newb, in anger, whips out her bazooka and pulls the trigger to shoot him.


As Honeybee stomps through the necroids, the street is now scattered with crushed bodies, raining blood at every step she takes.

Losien: "Ew, that's disgusting... But at least it's working!"

Newb: "Yeah, hopefully Australian won't be extinct before we meet the big bad."

Losien: "...Well, Honeybee, can you fly?"

Honeybee: "Not as a superlambanana[Ext 1]."

Arnold: "But if a horse with wings can fly, why can't a lamb?"

Honeybee: "Because there are wings, I have no experience using wings, too. "

Losien: "Hmm...How can we fly without wings..."

Both Aladdyn and Iriana raise their hands. Newb raises her eyebrows, ready to pull out the bazooka again.

Aladdyn: "A balloon!"

Iriana: "A helicopter hat!"

There is a silent moment of thinking.

Newb: "Helicopter... hat? What's that?"

Iriana: "It's a gadget from Doraemon[Ext 2]!It's tiny, you can put it on your head and fly!"

Newb: "Huh, sounds more like some kind of vibrator."

Arnold: "I guess that's just a helicopter on the head..."

Suddenly, Aladdyn pops up with a bunch of balloons.

Newb: "Where did you get these bloody balloons?"

Aladdyn: "Inside the nightstand!"

Losien, Newb and Arnold look up at the transparent, greasy balloons, and then look down at Aladdyn, who is beaming smugly, obviously waiting for praise.

Losien facepalms hopelessly while Newb already puts her finger on the trigger of the bazooka.

Newb: "I've been waiting this moment for so long, and finally."

Arnold: "Wait-!"

Newb aims at Aladdyn and pulls the trigger.


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