The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 137, Honeybee turned into a superlambanana, and now, in NeS3 Post 138, she is whacking necroids around in the streets of Sydney. The necroids have taken to this 'game' very quickly and shout out to be whacked next, to see if Honeybee will miss. Newb thinks that this situation is both incredibly stupid and awesome at the same time.



Random Necroid #1: "Wow! I thought for sure she'd miss that time! Haha!"

His enthusiasm is undimmed by the fact that he's currently flattened beneath Honeybee's superlambanana[Ext 1] tail.

Random Necroids: "Ooh, me! Me! Can you hit me?!"

Necroids are popping up from lying or kneeling positions left and right, excitedly challenging Honeybee to hit them.

Newb: "This is the stupidest, and yet somehow the awesomest, game of Whack-A-Mole[Ext 2] I've ever seen."



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