In NeS3 Post 13, the entire NeS Heroes group reach the abandoned repair hangar on The Ditch island. Inside they discover that that the previous owner had left a great deal of junk behind. Much of the decommissioned vehicles and tools are beyond repair or use, but there are also a whole lot of movie props, including set pieces and costumes. Iriana pokes a mannequin, afraid it might come to life. Aladdyn finds a grenade and Losien suspects it's from a World War II movie, to which Aladdyn agrees and pulls the pin. Everyone dives for cover, surprising Aladdyn because it's just a movie prop. Wai tells Aladdyn that it is tempting fate to pull the pin on something you only suspect to be a prop. He tosses the grenade and it hits a black, round object, which turns out to be a bom-omb. Though they initially think it's another movie prop, it suddenly explodes as per Wai's warning. The explosion brings down the roof and traps them inside and the noise resounds across the island. Though Aladdyn doesn't get why the sound is a problem, the others know that the villains on the island will be drawn by the noise. When Wai shouts at Aladdyn to use his brain, Aladdyn comes to believe the villains are after his brain.


Movie Props

The NeS Heroes travelled across the small island, the whole way keeping a lookout for danger, but managed to reach the old repair hangar without incident. The hangar was also attached to a repair dock, which partially delved into the ocean, while the hangar strutted out across the land. There was a very short runway that was now overgrown and a lot of old, broken machines cluttered it. The rust had rendered these machines virtually unidentifiable but one of them definitely appears tank-esque while another was probably once an ice cream van.

The interior of the hangar building is likewise filled with old equipment and objects beyond repair. There also seems to be a lot of weird movie props. Mannequins with clothes from popular movies and television shows, props used by characters and model sets used for science-fiction features. Torn movie posters hang on the walls and a few cut-outs stand up with actors grinning at onlookers.

One mannequin appears to be wearing a Superman[Ext 1] cape with a helmet of Sauron[Ext 2], the armour of Boba Fett[Ext 3] and is holding a schoolbag that probably featured in any teenage romantic comedy of your choice. Iriana pokes the mannequin cautiously but it doesn’t seem to be alive. This might seem like a given to you, dear Reader, but she has recently been watching Dr Who[Ext 4] and any innominate object with a face is liable to spring to life and try to kill people on a budget.

Iriana doesn’t watch much television and she seems to take it all a bit too much to heart. After watching Nightmare on Elm Street[Ext 5] she was terrified of her own bed for two weeks. In the end she swamped the bed in protective Pikachu[Ext 6] teddies.

Char: “It seems like most of the stuff in here will be useless.”

He picks up a bent spanner.

Wai: “There are some strange things in here though, isn’t there? What’s this?”

He picks up a vacuum-cleaner device and plays with the trigger. Nothing happens.

Losien: “I think it’s a replica proton pack[Ext 7]. Why would anyone collect all this old movie junk?”

Aladdyn: “There’s even a grenade here!”

Losien: “Must be from some war movie.”

Aladdyn: “Yeah, must be!”

He pulls the pin and the others suddenly run away from him.

Aladdyn: “What? I thought you said it was a movie prop?”

From behind a dustbin, Losien lifts her head.

Losien: “Just… being cautious…”

Wai: “Pulling the pin a grenade when you think it might be fake is just tempting fate.”

Aladdyn: “That’s just cynical!”

He tosses the grenade over his shoulder into a pile of broken old junk. It smacks something small, black and round. It scutters across the floor of the hangar but in the silence they can hear its whirring legs and the fuse, somehow lit by the scraping of the floor, and they turn to see what it is.

Losien: “It’s a Bom-omb[Ext 8]!”

The others look at her in confusion.

Losien: “It’s… it’s a bomb. Bom-omb? Get it?”

There’s a collective ‘aaaaaaaaah’.

Aladdyn: “There’s no need to panic, right? It’s just another movie prop! From Super Mario Bros[Ext 9]? Man that movie was great!”

Now everyone looks at Aladdyn in confusion.

Losien: “There can’t have been more than one Super Mario Bros movie…”

Suddenly there’s a thunderous explosion as the bom-omb, evidently not a movie prop, sets off. The old roof at the front of the hangar is ripped to shreds and topples down, blocking the exit and filling the room with dust. Coughing and spluttering the heroes get back to their feet from beneath the debris.

Wai: “I told you. You tempt fate, this is what happens…”

Losien: “We may have a problem…”

Char: “Yes. We do appear to be trapped.”

Losien: “And that explosion was very loud.”

Wai: “Good point…”

There’s a pause as the heroes consider the situation, except Aladdyn who frowns and looks from person-to-person.

Aladdyn: “So it was loud? Do your ears hurt?”

They look at him in disbelief.

Losien: “We are not the only people on the island!”

Aladdyn processes.

Aladdyn: “So… you think it hurt their ears too?”

Wai facepalms. But this knocks off his untaped hand.

Wai: “Look what you made me do.”

Iriana: “Oh! I love that song[Ext 10]!”

Wai: “Song?”

Iriana:Taylor Swift[Ext 11] is such a lovely girl!”

Wai: “She still exists? I guess there are some evils even time cannot erase.”

Iriana: “Heeeeeeey, don’t be mean to Taylor!”

Wai: “I think she can handle it.”

Losien: “We should prepare ourselves, the enemy will be on their way.”

Aladdyn: “They will!? How do they know where we are!?”

Wai: “Dude! Your brain!”

Aladdyn: “… you… you think the enemy wants my brain!?”

There’s a pause.

Wai: “I really hope so.”


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