In NeS3 Post 12, Char wants to know where on The Ditch they are going, understanding that they are seeking out the villains. He tells them that he doesn't forget things, but rather he has troubles recalling memories. The memories themselves are stored within his brain, but he cannot access the memories easily to recall them. Wai thinks this is just pedantic semantics, but to Char the distinction is important. He then offers to look over Wai before they continue on, knowing Wai is in need of some repairs, but Wai claims to be fine and hold his hand out to stop Char. But then his hand falls off. Char duct-tapes the hand back on. When Aladdyn expresses that Wai must be 'right as pain', meaning 'rain', Wai points out that Aladdyn is more correct than he had intended.



Char: "So... where are we going again?"

Losien: "Look, I know you're forgetful, and this is a bit much even for you. I just said we're off to fight bad guys."

Char: "I meant where, as in physically. This is a big island."

Losien: "Oh."

Char: "Also, I don't forget things.

Losien: "Uh, about that--"

Char: "--I just can hardly recall anything."

Aladdyn: "Is that not the same, my robotic friend?"

Char: "The difference is that I remember it all up here..."

They tap their helmeted head.

Char: "...I just can't, errrr, find what I'm looking for, so to speak. To bring it back up. Recall."

Wai: "Isn't that a bit pedantic?"

Char: "The distinction is very important to me."

Losien: "Right, well, Wai could use some fixing up, so I'd say we should head to what used to be the repair hangar."

Char: "I should take a look over you in the meantime, Wai, for any immediate needs."

Wai: "I'll be fine."

To emphasis his point, Wai holds out his hand towards Char to suggest they stop. Wai's hand, however, falls off from his wrist and onto the ground.

Char: -_-

Wai: :/

Char picks up Wai's hand and duct-tapes it back onto Wai's wrist.

Aladdyn: "I bet you're right as pain now!"

Wai: "That might just be more accurate than you intended..."

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