The Plothole
The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 102, the NeS Heroes made a list of 'possibilities' for what they might discover within the Cold Castle. Here in NeS3 Post 103, in a dimension where the Department of the You-Had-To-Say-It Trope exists, all of those mentioned, including a dragon, a ninja and the Spice Girls. A twisted horror claims to have found a ray gun and wants to use it to kill ducks. An alarm then sounds to alert the group that they can go into the Story. However, it is then cancelled because Department of the Underwhelming and Unexpected for the Sake of a Joke Trope happens instead, which refers to the arrival of heroes in boxes in NeS3 Post 102.


Somewhere far away, many diverse beings sit around, chatting, drinking, sleeping, playing board games, playing video games, or eating pizza.

Hundred-Foot-Tall Arachnid: "Go fish."

Dragon: "Not again."

Ninja: "Ha! I win again. I own Mario Kart[Ext 1]!"

Spice Girls[Ext 2]: "No, you don't, that's our copy."

Random Politician: "It's called a figure of speech."

Twisted Horror from the 81st Dimension: "Yo, guys, I found a spare death ray in the back of the kitchen drawer. Who wants to play Duck Hunt[Ext 3] with real ducks?"

Suddenly an alarm blares. Everyone perks up excitedly. A screen appears with the images of several of them highlighted, with an announcer saying their names.

Announcer: "Those of you who've been mentioned, move out! The Department of the You-Had-To-Say-It Trope shall answer the call!"

Creatures: "Wooooo! Finally!"

Then the alarm goes off, and the images on the screen are replaced with a live feed of three boxes with feet under them. The announcer's voice comes back, dejected.

Announcer: "Never mind, those arseholes in the Department of the Underwhelming and Unexpected for the Sake of a Joke Trope beat us to it. Carry on."


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