The Plothole
The Plothole

NeS3 Post 102 opens with Aladdyn declaring that he has a plan to help him, Iriana and CopyKAT escape from the Cold Castle and Santa's Little Leprechauns. Two leprechaun guards are playing a card game when one of them sees three boxes in the corridor. One of the boxes has a message on it saying to ignore it, it's just a box. The other guard wants to keep playing, because he's winning, but a moment later the notice the boxes are gone. They go to the corridor and see the boxes have legs and are scuttling down the corridor with dramatic action-escape music. The leprechauns then give chase. In the atrium of the Cold Castle, the remainder of the NeS Heroes, now also joined by Mutt since NeS3 Post 100, are preparing to rescue the other three. Losien asks them to prepare for anything, so each of the characters comes up with a ridiculous thing they might need to prepare for until Char suggests boxes - and they see three boxes scuttle past. When the sirens blare, they realise the boxes are their friends and chase the boxes.


A Cunning Plan

Aladdyn: “Don’t worry. I have a cunning plan!”[Ext 1]

Two leprechaun guards were sat at the table playing cards.

Leprechaun #1:SNAP![Ext 2]

Leprechaun #2: “Hey… who put them boxes ‘ere?”

They both looked up to see three boxes in the corridor. On the side of one of the boxes, it read, “Imma box. Ignore box. Jus box. Honest.”

Leprechaun #1: “Says it’s just a box and we should ignore it.”

Leprechaun #2: “Guess you must be right!”

Leprechaun #1: “SNAP!”

Leprechaun #2: “Hey! Them boxes’re gone!”

Leprechaun #1: “Who cares!? Said it was jus’ a box! Ignore ‘em!”

Leprechaun #2: “I dunno…”

He hopped off his chair and walked into the corridor. Begrudgingly, the other leprechaun guard followed him.

Leprechaun #1: “Yous is just sour cause yous is losin’.”

Leprechaun #2: “Look! There’s them boxes now!”

It appeared that the boxes had three sets of little legs as they scuttled down the corridor. At the voice of the guards, three exclamation marks appeared over the heads of the boxes and dramatic Metal Gear Solid[Ext 3] music starts playing.

Leprechaun #2: “I think that’s our cue to chase ‘em.”

The music intensifies and the boxes scuttle even faster.

At the entry hall of the Cold Castle are Losien Simon, Newb (or NewNewb if you prefer), Wai (still in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and lamenting his imminent demise at the hands of the vicious sickness), Char and the newly arrived Mutt.

Losien: “Be prepared for anything!”

Newb: “Like dragons?”

Mutt: “Ninjas?”

Char: “Politicians?”

Wai: “More germs?”

Newb: “Death rays?”

Mutt: “Blizzards?”

Char:Spice Girls[Ext 4]?”

Wai: “Even more germs?”

Losien: “You guys…”

Newb: “Twisted horrors from the eighty-first dimension?”

Mutt: “One-hundred-foot arachnids ridden by evil space demons?”

Char: “Boxes?”

Wai: “Yet even—wait, boxes?”

The four of them step aside as three boxes scuttle past them like cardboard crabs fleeing a pack of angry seagulls. As the three boxes go, intense Metal Gear Solid music follows them.

Losien: “Okay… well… I hadn’t imagined boxes… not sure how you can prepare for boxes…”

Sirens suddenly blared from within the Cold Castle.

Speaker: “Prisoners have escaped! Find them!”

Losien: “Aaaaah, that makes more sense now.”

She turned around to see the three boxes rushing out of the castle.

Losien: “After those boxes!”


Britt's Commentary

"The opening line is a line from the Blackadder[Ext 5] series, spoken by the character Baldrick[Ext 1]." ~ Britt the Writer


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