The Plothole

In NeS3 Post 100, Newb 2.0 had found the Crystal Heart in Antartica, but instead of restoring the memories of her and the Newb Clones, it merged Newb 2.0 into the mind of Newb, who is in the Arctic with the NeS Heroes, and also caused Mutt, the cybernetic dog, to be transported physically to the Arctic too. This opens NeS3 Page 6 with Losien Simon, Wai and Char confused over this story of Newb's, who now has Newb 2.0's memories. While Losien sympathises with Newb, whose brother, Gebohq Simon, and ex, The Last True Evil, also went through a clone saga each, they must rescue the other NeS Heroes from within the Cold Castle, the stronghold of Santa Claus. Iriana Emp, CopyKAT and Aladdyn L. Quirk were captured by Santa's Little Leprechauns, but Aladdyn comes up with a plan for them to escape by hiding in carboard boxes and waddling their way out in 'disguise'. Though the leprechauns do give chase, the three of them, as boxes, do meet up with the other heroes and they all escape together. However, Mutt points out that if they wish to steal Santa's Sleigh, they should have tried to get the information from the leprehauns as to its whereabouts. Newb uses Char's voicebox to pretend to be the voice of God and scare the leprechauns at Glacier Gate into telling them where the sleigh is. They believe it is with Santa Claus himself, so the heroes rush to find Honeybee, the Australian Clown-Robot who is currently a tour bus, and travel back across the Arctic. They find Santa Claus battling with an unknown android, who is a Galactitron Scout. They tried to help the robot, but he opens fire on them too. CopyKAT finds the robot familiar, but the memories still don't surface. They steal the sleigh and Honeybee becomes a sidecar to attach to the side of the sleigh. But after taking off, Losien accidentally turns off the engine when she tries to find the teleporter. In a moment of panic, Newb, enraged by Aladdyn, tries to blow him up with a bazooka. The group manage to teleport away, but the heat-seeking missle that Newb fired ends up blowing up both Santa and the scout just as they decide to join forces against the heroes. The group arrive in Antarctica, but rather than head straight for Sanctuary, Newb forces them to first visit the Transantarctic Mountain Range, where they discover Substation Kappa Delta Phi - the place she remembers Newb 2.0 being. Outside, they briefly meet with Hobo the Slobbit, but Newb shoots him when he startles her. They leave him outside after Char cures his wounds, but afraid of the heroes he runs away. The group discover CynthAI inside the substation and it is revealed to be a location for Hero Force, before it was attacked some time ago. She tells them that Hero Force are currently in Hell, which is from the events of Rescue in Hell. CynthAI explains that Newb 2.0 had come for the Crystal Heart because it contains special water from the River Lethe that was bathed in by the Roman God Veritas, supposedly creating 'truth water' that could have restored her memories. Unfortunately, the K.G.B. had wiped her memories so many times that it didn't work. They then leave before CynthAI could use a rectal thermometer on Wai, suspecting him of having COVID-19, though it is just man flu. They finally reach the Asgard Mountain Range, but cannot see Sanctuary. Mutt tries to use the movie Black Panther[Ext 1] to explain the technology level is so advanced that the city is hidden, but Losien thinks he is referring to the city being inside the mountain and she crashes the sleigh into the mountain. They are found by former NeS Hero, and old friend of Losien's, Galvatron. However, when it turns out Char could be infected with a virus, as Char had been sent by Sanctuary to Australia to investigate the signs of the necroids but clearly had gotten, Char, Wai and Mutt are all taken to a Quarantine Zone in the city. The remaining heroes are led through Anthrohood, where the humanoid robots live, to the more mechanical parts of the city to meet with the Sanctuary Elders. They are taken in to Sanctuary's Inner Sanctuary by Barry the Lift to meet the House of Commons; Commodore 64, CalecoVision, Atari 2600 and NES Classic. However, after Losien asks them for help against the necroids, they refuse. Though one of them offers to help for a bribe, the elders start bickering and the heroes realise they will never get any kind of help from them, so they sneak away with the help of a second CynthAI who has entered the city's mainframe. Instead, Galvatron takes them to the Quarantine Zone to get Wai, Char and Mutt. On guard is Cyclonus, the brother of Galvatron, who hates humans and argues with them and refuses to be reasoned with, even when Galvatron points out that they're humans and cannot be infected by a robot virus. Instead, Losien proposes that they split up into two groups, one to cause a distraction and the other to get by Cyclonus when he's distracted. Newb, CopyKAT and Galvatron decide to distract, while Losien, Iriana and Aladdyn will sneak inside. Meanwhile, the Galactitron Fleet has arrived in orbit around the planet Earth. NASA detects their signals as they scan the planet in search of The Medallion, which is around CopyKAT's neck. They alert the President of the United States of America, who is the recently elected Bill Murray, and he believes the signals are from space ghosts and he heads into space with the American Space Force to battle the Galactitrons with proton packs. Aboard The Monarch, the Galactitron King orders Stargaze to scan the planet for the Medallion, while STARfighter reports on the events from the planet's surface. In Australia, the necroids are nearly Canberra, the last human city on the continent, and Necroman finds James Corden and the celebrities from Carpool Karaoke[Ext 2] have become necroids. When Corden tells Necroman that country music[Ext 3] is music that everyone hates, Necroman puts Taylor Swift at the head of the necroids to play the music as they enter the city. This causes alarm aboard The Monarch as they believe Taylor Swift is the planet's greatest warrior and that she is seeking the Medallion.

Posts 101 - 104

Escape from Cold Castle

Main articles: 101 | 102 | 103 | 104

In NeS3 Post 100, it was revealed that there was a clone of Newb in Antarctica, dubbed Newb 2.0, who located an artefact called the Crystal Heart that merged her consciousness with the consciousness of the original Newb in the Arctic. Mutt, a cybernetic dog, was also transported, though he was sent in body as well as mind[NeS3 1]. Losien Simon sympathises as she reveals that her brother, Gebohq Simon, was also cloned, as was her ex-lover, The Last True Evil, and even her hamster. Newb explains that the Crystal Heart was supposed to restore Newb's lost memories but, instead, merged their minds together, probably because of the psychic connection between the two of them, which shared their memories whenever Newb fell asleep. Mutt agrees to help the group find Sanctuary when they arrive in the South Pole, but he doesn't know the North Pole, at which point he is informed of the plan to steal Santa's Sleigh. Within Cold Castle, the captured NeS Heroes, Aladdyn L. Quirk, Iriana Emp and CopyKAT, are thrown into a cell together[NeS3 2]. Aladdyn comes up with a plan for the three of them to escape, so they climb into big cardboard boxes and scuttle down the corridors, straight past Santa's Little Leprechauns. The others have just entered the Cold Castle, coming up with a series of absurd problems they should be ready for when they see three boxes scuttling by. When the sirens blare, they realise the boxes must be their three wayward companions[NeS3 3]. In one of the meta-dimensions, in the Department of the You-Had-To-Say-It Tropes are all the myriad of problems and beings that the NeS Heroes had said to be ready for. They initially get ready to go into the main Story Realm but are cut off by the Department of the Underwhelming and Unexpected for the Sake of a Joke Trope, referring to the arrival of the three boxed heroes[NeS3 4]. Also elsewhere, the Galactitron Fleet reaches the edge of the Sol System close to Pluto. Back at the Cold Castle, Losien calls out to the escaping boxes and the three of them stop, discard their disguises and rejoin the group. Each of the heroes tries to guess what tortures Iriana had been put through before the leprechauns finally catch up to them[NeS3 5].

Posts 105 - 107

From the North Pole to the South Pole

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The Narrator then says that the NeS Heroes were all dead after resorting to cannibalism, but Losien flatly dnies this. The Narrator then says that Losien was eaten first, to which both Newb and Iriana actually agree they would eat Losien first because three of their group are robots - Wai, Char and Mutt - leaving only Losien and Aladdyn and Newb thinks they might explode if they ate him. Mutt points out it would have been smarter to ask the leprechauns where Santa's Sleigh is before they left, but he then has to run away from CopyKAT who wants to sniff his butt. Newb wants to use Char's Voice Box to fool the leprechauns into giving them the information. At Glacier Gate, the leprechaun guards hear a booming voice that claims to be God and that they need punishing because they've been naughty. One of them, Dicky the Leprechaun, coyly offers himself up for punishment. The leprechauns reveal that Santa Claus took his sleigh with him when he left, which causes 'God' to curse and th heroes to run off, without Dicky getting the punishment he wanted. Returning to Honeybee, who is still a tour bus, they drive back but find that Santa is being attacked by an unknown android, not realising this is a Galactitron Scout. The heroes decide to help the robot and open the doors to him, but he opens fire on them too. Newb goes on the attack with her guns, though joined by Aladdyn too, while the others get the sleigh ready. Honeybee transforms into a sidecar to attach to the sleigh and they all squeeze in. Losien steers the sleigh into the sky and pushes buttons to find the teleport function, but ends up stalling the engine and they plunge towards the ground[NeS3 6]. Losien, like a flight attendent, tells everyone to keep their limbs within the craft at all times as they plummet. Cheesy pop music starts to blare from a stereo that Aladdyn plays to calm his own nerves, but it results in causing everyone else to become more anxious - especially Newb, whose evil aura and tentacles briefly show around her. She pulls out a bazooka with the intention of blowing off Aladdyn's skull, but as she pulls the trigger, the sleigh vanishes. Aladdyn, however, had been lifted from the sleigh and was left falling above the Arctic, along with the heat-seeking missles that Newb had fired. Aladdyn tries to think of some good final words, but only comes up with 'everyone regret nothing', at which point the sleigh appears and Newb takes his words as him forgiving her for trying to murder him. The group vanish again, with Aladdyn this time. Below, Santa Claus and the Galactitron Scout come to a cease fire and agree to join forces against the NeS Heroes. Before this alliance could amount to anything, however, the heat-seeking missiles crash down on them and destroy them[NeS3 7].

Now the heroes have finally arrived at the South Pole, their intended destination from the start of the journey. But when they arrive, Aladdyn is convinced this is the wrong place, despite Iriana telling him the two poles look much the same. When pressed, he explains his Aunt Arctic clearly isn't here, so it can't be the right place. Newb must be refrained from trying to murder him again[NeS3 8].

Posts 108 - 111

Newb's Mystery in Substation Kappa Delta Phi

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As they pass over the Transantarctic Mountains, Newb recognises them as the place that Newb 2.0 had been before she merged with Newb in the Arctic. Though Char thinks Newb needs to see a psychologist, Losien cannot deny that Mutt did appear at the same time the merger happened. They ask CopyKAT what happened to him in the Arctic, as he seemed to recognise the Galactitron Scout. Ultimately they suspect that CopyKAT could be of the same alien species, trapped in pug form, which causes Losien to worry that he is secretly plotting world conquest - until he starts sniffing Mutt's butt. Mutt confirms that Sanctuary is far off, but can guide them from the sleigh. Newb, however, wants to explore the mountains and when Wai reminds her that Losien is in charge of the sleigh, Newb jumps out and uses a parachut from her duffel bag. Losien refuses to split the party, so they'll have to go down after her, as Newb intended. At the mention of party, Aladdyn pulls out his costume chest and gets into a party outfit and blows on a vuvuzela. The obnoxiously loud instrument causes an avalanche to tumble down, straight towards Newb[NeS3 9]. In a short parody, Character Hobo the Slobbit returning from Mount Baboom, after he had thrown the Fun Bling into the frozen heart of the mountain. Hobo is relieved to have defeated the Dork Lard and sees Newb, grateful for the company. But because he startles her, she instinctively guns him down. Santa's Sleigh comes down, guided by CopyKAT in eagle form, to retrieve Newb. Char sees the wounded slobbit and manages to bring him aboard the sleigh, while being confused by his anatomy - the slobbit has hair on his internal organs. The sleigh flies away from the avalanche to land nearby and, before Newb could stop him, Aladdyn celebrates by using the vuvuzela again[NeS3 10]. Newb is initially embittered as it seem Aladdyn had blocked up the entrance to the location, but it turns out the avalanche had actually revealed the passage instead. Newb refuses to apologise to Aladdyn when prompted by Losien, however. Newb explains how the Crystal Heart was supposed to restore her memories, but only seems to have reminded her how to cook curry. Iriana comments she would love to taste Newb's curry, which prompts lewd comments from Honeybee. They have to leave the clown-robot outside with the unconscious slobbit, after Char tends to him, though Iriana catches CopyKAT peeing on him. The heroes go inside and Mutt believes that Char may have contracted some kind of virus, explaining their faulty memory banks. The cyber-dog further clarifies that Char had been in Sanctuary but was sent to Australia to investigate the signs that led to the arrival of Necroman, but they never reported back. Losien informs Mutt that she found Char with the Australian-Clown-Robots. As they proceed further, they pass a sign that read Substation Kappa Delta Phi and are suddenly alerted by the station's A.I., CynthAI. Outside, Hobo the Slobbit wakes up and calls out for his friend, Hamdim, but remembers what happened to him; being shot and peed on, and runs away[NeS3 11]. Newb remembers meeting CynthAI as Newb 2.0, and the A.I. demands that Newb keep putting money into a swear jar every time she curses. When Wai sneezes, still infected with man-flu, CynthAI wants to check his temperature for COVID-19, but he runs away when she tries to use a rectal thermometer on him. CynthAI tells them they shouldn't be stealing from the U.S. Government and clarifies that the station was an installation of Hero Force before it was attacked and abandoned (in HFO Post?). Hero Force are currently in Hell, she explains (in Rescue in Hell). After some confusion concerning what exactly Newb 2.0 had come searching for, CynthAI eventually explains that the Crystal Heart contained water from the River Lethe, a river that causes people to forget. However, the deity named Veritas had bathed in the water, transforming it into water of rememberance. It hadn't worked on Newb, however, due to the mangled mind of constant memory wipes and brainwashing from the K.G.B.. With this knowledge, though still no firm answers, the heroes leave, along with Wai and they drag CopyKAT away when he starts peeing on CynthAI's systems[NeS3 12].

Posts 112 - 116

Sanctuary and the Galactitron Arrival

Main articles: 112 | 113 | 114 | 115 | 116

Newb is swearing excessively since leaving Substation Kappa Delta Phi, to the point that Iriana Emp wants to make a swear jar on Santa's Sleigh. Mutt is at the front of the sleigh, guiding them across Antarctica towards Sanctuary. Aladdyn pulls out a minstrel costume from his costume chest and starts singing, but, as usual, gets all the words wrong. Initially Newb just laughs at him flubbing his lines, until he finally gets them right and her temper flares up again, so she tosses him overboard. Losien has to steer the sleigh down to catch the half-genie and demands Newb put money the swear jar[NeS3 13]. When the sleigh reaches the Asgard Mountain Range, Losien asks why she can't see the city. Mutt references the Black Panther[Ext 1] movie, so Losien starts to steer the sleigh straight at the mountain. It turns out, however, that Mutt was referencing the technology level, not the city hidden in a mountain moment - thus the sleigh smashes into the mountain and everyone is knocked unconscious as they tumble to the ground below. When Losien awakes, she sees the city behind a shimmering veil and then sees her old friend, and former NeS Hero, Galvatron come to meet her. After trying to fight Galvatron, thinking he was trying to kidnap Losien, Newb comments that she can smell burning and Galvatron opens his chest oven to show he had cooked - now burnt - an apple pie for them. Char reports that everyon is fine, but Mutt and CopyKAT are trying to sniff out Wai's hands, which had fallen off. As Char inspects Losien, they mention to Galvatron that they have been infected with a virus, which causes Galvatron to gasp because he knows what will be done to Char. So, later, the group are in a zone of the city called Anthrohood, an area of the city dedicated to humanoid robots, such as androids, minus Wai, Char and Mutt who were all quarantined in case of the possible virus in Char being spread. They avoid mentioning Honeybee to Galvatron, so that she could remain unquarantined outside the city in case they needed to quickly escape[NeS3 14].

Meanwhile, the Galactitron Fleet has reached Pluto and scans the system for signs of the Medallion. NASA detects the incoming fleet and one of the operators declares that they need to call the Ghostbusters[Ext 4], before realising their mistakes and changes it to calling the President of the United States of America[NeS3 15]. The operator calls the White House and thinks he called up the Ghostbusters, but the President reminds the operator that he is Bill Murray and recently won the elections. The operator tells the President of the signals detected from the Galactitrons, and Bill Murray thinks it's the work of space ghosts so he calls up the Secret Service and tells them to prepare proton packs[NeS3 16]. President Murray heads into space with the American Space Force, to which one of the soldiers commends that former President Donald Trump had created the space force but Murray doesn't want them to ever bring up Trump again. They head towards the Galactitron Fleet, now orbiting Earth, with their proton packs. Aboard The Monarch, the Galactitron King demands that they eliminate Bill Murray, who they mistakenly believe to be a king, as the search for the Medallion continues. In Australia, the necroids are approaching Canberra. Necroman meets James Corden and a lot of celebrities who had been in the Carpool Karaoke[Ext 2], but were all now necroids. Necroman wants Taylor Swift to lead the way to Canberra, singing country music[Ext 3] when Corden tells him everyone hates country music. Back on The Monarch, Starfighter alerts the king to Taylor Swift leading an army in Australia and they believe she is searching for the Medallion, but Stargaze still cannot locate it[NeS3 17].

Posts 117 - 120

Sanctuary Elders

Main articles: 117 | 118 | 119 | 120

The Medallion is still with CopyKAT, who is in Sanctuary and farting after eating nuts[NeS3 17]. Galvatron will take them to see the Sanctuary Elders. Newb is confused that the robots would factor in age, but Galvatron points out that robots age even faster than humans and that his rear is covered in rust to prove that. Losien points out that will be because he has an ice cream maker in his rear, which prompts CopyKAT to loiter underneath Galvatron's butt, eagerly. When they leave Anthrohood, the city changes into a more mechanical place. Losien asks if there's transport, but Galvatron reminds her that the 'transport' here are 'people', so you could only ask nicely for travel assistance, but they would be unlikely to help humans. Newb wants to know why Galvatron isn't on the team, and instead they have to put up with Aladdyn. Galvatron explains he now helps the robots of Sanctuary, especially the older robots, to find spare parts for repairs, since many parts for older robots are very rare. They reach a lift to Sanctuary's Inner Sanctum, who is named Barry the Lift. Barry calls them by the anti-human term 'squishies', which causes Newb to get confrontational and argue with Barry the Lift as they go down. When they meet the elders, they are a Commodore 64, CalecoVision, Atari 2600 and a NES Classic - who is dubbed an imposter by the others because it is not the original console. They explain that their Governor-General is the Analytical Engine, which is why the government is full of computers. They are the House of Commons, while the House of Lords is full of Pong[Ext 5] machines. When Losien asks them to help against the necroids, they flatly say no. When she asks why, they pull out a presentation to lay out the reasons why[NeS3 18]. When the elders' screen goes blank, the voice of CynthAI sounds out, asking for the magic word, which surprises the heroes and Aladdyn thinks she followed them from Substation Kappa Delta Phi. However, this turns out to be another branch of CynthAI. NES Classic eventually says please and the presentation begins. The robots use scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail[Ext 6] to make their arguments, culminating with humans oppressing robots. However, when CalecoVision offers to help for twenty bucks, the elders all start arguing[NeS3 19]. The elders argue for so long that NES Classic points out the heroes have died. They turn to see several skeletons left behind, even one blue 'genie skeleton'. This causes them to argue more about whose fault it was. The heroes, of course, have exited via Barry the Lift with the help of CynthAI, who Losien believes is bent on human destruction but seems to be helping for now. The A.I. assures them they can contact her for help anytime. Just as they exit, Barry the Lift causes Newb to trip and she swears so much Losien thinks she needs to get a bar of soap. Losien thinks the elders will be arguing so long, they just don't have time to wait. Instead Galvatron will lead them to where Wai and Char are being held[NeS3 20].

As they go, Galvatron gives some further information on the city. He explains that many of the robots come from Japan. Specifically, almost all of the sexbots are from Japan. Newb wishes Aladdyn was a robot so they could power him off, but Galvatron points out that is very unethical - which makes the heroes feel guilty as they did just that to Robo-Ringmaster in NeS3 Post 9. They reach the Quarantine Zone, which is being guarded by Galvatron's brother, Cyclonus. Cyclonus is extremely anti-human and berates Galvatron for being with them. Losien tries to reason with him, but he ignores all reasoning. Galvatron doesn't think Cyclonus cares about robot issues and just uses it as an excuse to be horrible, as their own 'mother' is a human named Mecha Lou. Cyclonus still refuses as the area is off-limits, but Galvatron points out that Losien is a human and cannot get infected by robot viruses. He still won't allow it and Losien asks Galvatron to step away, which prompts Cyclonus to shout they should go back to where they came from. Losien decides they need to break in and that one team needs to cause a distraction while the other sneaks in. Newb is already pulling out explosives from her duffel bag and Galvatron gets excited to join in. Aladdyn also wants to go on the distraction team, but Losien thinks he'll get himself blown up so tells him to join her and Iriana getting inside[NeS3 21].


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