The Plothole
The Plothole

On NeS3 Page 4, the NeS Heroes are still at sea, bound for Antarctica to reach the secret city of Sanctuary. They hide Honeybee, a transforming Australian Clown-Robot, who is a clown-themed battleship. They have just been joined by the reincarnated Galactitron Warrior named CopyKAT, whose memories of his former life are faded, who is currently in the guise of a pug, but retains his ability to transform into other living things he can see. He now turns into a copy of Wai, which rankles the android and he straps the pug to the front of the ship. While strapped to the ship, CopyKAT is vowing vengeance and recalls his past glories defeating Darth Sabbath at the Battle of Galziod - but is now a dog duct taped to a ship. When Aladdyn yells incoming land, Losien panics that CopyKAT will be crushed, but the 'land' turned out to be a floating turd. When CopyKAT is dragged onboard, the turd is found on the poor dog's head. Aladdyn confirms it is not one of his, because his poop is blue - which grossly surprises everyone. As he cannot verbally communicate, CopyKAT turns into Losien and tries to explain with sign language, but everyone thinks he's dancing and then he tries to pee on the floor. As Losien. And explanation of his name is given - KAT is a Galactitronian family name, while 'copy' is his designation based on his ability to copy others. When Wai then calls out 'land ho' and Iceberg gets offended by the remark. When Wai admits to the Iceberg that he usually just eats ice cubes instead of talking to them, the Iceberg attacks Honeybee. The heroes even consider abandoning Honeybee to swim to Antarctica, but Char asks her to simply turn into a submarine. Now aboard the Honeybee-submarine, they knock over the Iceberg and sail on until they are dragged to Underwateropolis by a kraken at the behest of the shoggoth. CopyKAT turns into a shoggoth and they believe him to be speaking the ancient tongue of the city, but it's just barking. In order to escape, Losien proposes they use Char's Voice Box inside CopyKAT's mouth to tell the shoggoth to release them, though the heroes start abusing this ability quickly and make Char say stupid things. Meanwhile, in Australia, the Prime Minister of Australia is annoyed that nobody remembers him, but they remember the other world leaders, even his own cabinet. They come up with the plan to use the 5G Network to spread Coronavirus, which would, they believe, cancel out the other virus - the necroids. However, this doesn't work and, instead, creates 5G Zombies. Bucket Head and Doctor Z have turned into 5G Zombies and Bucket Head reveals that his bucket protects his brain from the network and so he is still sapient, until the other zombies. Doctor Z realises his afro had been protecting his brain, but now needs a bucket sincet he decay caused his hair to fall out. When Bucket Head's Grandmother attacks him, he comes up with the idea, thanks to I-X the Writer, to look through the Treasures of the NeSiverse Book for something to help them conquer the NeSiverse and finds The Medallion, which is currently with CopyKAT.

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There Can be Only One

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In NeS3 Post 60, several NeS Heroes were rescued from the ocean so Char, beginning NeS3 Page 4, wishes to put dry clothes on them. They ask for Newb's help, but Newb insists she doesn't want to see Aladdyn naked, so she is sent to find new clothes and Wai can help Char instead. However, Wai, as he often does, wanders off, leaving only Newb to help. Aladdyn appears to be in a state of shock so he is no hassle as Newb puts him into pyjamas, while Losien's pyjamas are put over a set of new bandages after her burns in NeS Post 49. Wai then returns, acting strangely, and a second Wai then arrives - meaning one of them is actually CopyKAT[NeS3 1]. In response, Wai duct-tapes CopyKAT to the fore of the ship, Honeybee, in his pug form. Wai declares he is teaching the pug there is a pecking order, which Losien initially doubts but remembers that she is the Main Character. CopyKAT is remembering some of his past glories, defeating Darth Sabbath at the Battle of Galziod, certain he will do as much to Wai once he gets loose. Aladdyn yells out that land approaches and that CopyKAT will be crushed if they hit it face-first[NeS3 2]. However the island turned out to be a floating turd[NeS3 3], so CopyKAT is still left duct-taped and Losien tells Wai off for doing something so mean to the pug, even if it's in his programming. Wai thinks this is 'racist against robots' to assume he's governed by programming. Char points out that some would argue humans are the same, governed by neural programming, but Losien doesn't care about philosophy right now and just wants to save the dog. Aladdyn comments that he once studied philosophy and how one must be very intelligent to study such a field, garnering sighs from the others[NeS3 4].

When they bring CopyKAT back onboard, they find the turd on his head and Aladdyn admits that he might have been scared and released one when he was in the ocean, in NeS3 Post 59. However when he sees the colour of the turd isn't blue, he claims it cannot be his. The fact his poop is blue horrifies everyone. They try to communicate with CopyKAT, but he cannot speak so he turns back into Losien again to try sign language. But nobody understands this either and Losien thinks he's doing viral dances from the internet. Newb comes up with the plan to use CopyKAT as a spy, turning him into a robot, when they get to Sanctuary, but only if he doesn't pee on the carpet. A moment later CopyKAT tries to do just that, but while he's still turned into Losien, so she freaks out and starts wrestling with him-herself. The Narrator reveals CopyKAT's name to the group, but refuses to work as translator between them and the dog, which makes Char want to provide Losien with medicine for being crazy[NeS3 5]. There is confusion over his name as he is a dog called 'copykat', but to him KAT is a family name and copy reflects his special Galactitronian ability. Losien thinks that the dialogue montage of them all finishing each others' sentences would end with the answer - but it only ends with Aladdyn crying out for ice cream[NeS3 6]. Losien thinks that the robots of Sanctuary may be able to provide him with a voice box, which CopyKAT thinks would be great. Newb, however, doesn't understand why they want to allow another idiot to talk anyway[NeS3 7].

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Iceberg Attack

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When Wai proclaims 'land ho' the Iceberg he was pointing at gets offended. Wai is confused that an iceberg seems to be talking to him. The Iceberg explains it is not land, but ice - like a big ice cube in the ocean. When Wai explains he doesn't talk to ice cubes, he just eats them, the Iceberg crashes into Honeybee[NeS3 8]. Iriana appears behind Wai, accusing Wai as he had previously said he couldn't drink tea, back in NeS3 Post 7, but can drink ice cubes? He protests that he has a very specialised oral intake system[NeS3 9]. The Iceberg seems to think the heroes are parasites on Honeybee, who it thinks is a diseased whale. Wai cries out for the lifeboats, but there aren't any. Newb thinks they could just swim to Antarctica, but Iriana doesn't want to abandon Honeybee. Char recommends that the lamenting Honeybee transform herself into something else and suggests a submarine, after Aladdyn asks for a hot air balloon. The heroes, now in the ocean, must turn away from Honeybee while she changes. CopyKAT turns into a turtle, but still woofs. This prompts Losien to comment on the Writer stealing their own jokes from the spin-off threads, referring to Apollo in Legends of the NeSiverse, and Wai recalls that he was in one of those - specifically Clear and the Hopeless. Once Honeybee is a submarine, the heroes swim inside and Wai directs Honeybee to smash into the bottom of the Iceberg, which topples over and exposes its bottom to the other icebergs, who laugh[NeS3 10]. Char asks that the heroes warm up after being in the ocean, though Newb points out that they only felt cold when Char brought it up. Losien explains it's just Narrative convenience, but Char, who doesn't believe in Narrative Theory, thinks it's adrenalin. When Iriana offers up some tea to warm them up, Aladdyn freaks out that he needs it first because he's turning blue[NeS3 11]. Wai compares their journey to Jojo's Bizarre Adventures[Ext 1], but everyone else blanks him and dismisses this as nerd talk. Newb wants to start repairing Honeybee, who was damaged by the Iceberg. Losien, meanwhile, is on the bridge and looking out at the ocean while monologuing - despite Iriana being next to her. When Losien claims that the crew have gone mad after witnessing an eldritch creature in the ocean, Iriana wants to get Char[NeS3 12].

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Arrival at Underwateropolis

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As Honeybee, in submarine form, dives through the oceans, nearby is an underwater city simply called Underwateropolis and standing guard are two shoggoth sentries. They talk about how if humans ever did show up, they would be driven insane by the mere presence of shoggoths. When they see Honeybee, they release the kraken to catch her and bring her to the gates of the city. Losien seems to already be losing her mind as she is monologuing to herself on the bridge, but her paranoia turns out to be true when the kraken grabs the submarine. The shoggoth order the kraken to create an oxygen atmosphere to allow the humans to breathe. When the humans come out and are not driven mad, the shoggoth deduce that they must already live crazy lives. CopyKAT bounds out and turns into a shoggoth. The shoggoth are amazed and mistake his woofing as the ancient language of the city[NeS3 13]. An orchestra suddenly steps out of Honeybee after the heroes and seem to be perplexed. They had believed they were going to go down with the ship, when Honeybee was attacked by the Iceberg in NeS3 Post 68. They then leave via Honeybee's ejection tube, but a moment later The Beatles come out of the same hatch, also lost and confused. I-X the Writer steps in to stop the band bickering and tells them that while he and Britt the Writer appreciate what they have done for the city of Liverpool, they need to leave now. I-X the Writer promises this is the last time he will use celebrity appearances and sends The Beatles up the ejection tube. He allows the Narrator to resume, and CopyKAT is welcomed in by the shoggoth[NeS3 14].

Despite being shooed off by I-X the Writer, The Beatles decided to stick around and they went inside Honeybee to steal her while the heroes are distracted by the shoggoths in Underwateropolis. Paul McCartney does point out that John Lennon and George Harrison should be dead, so John demonstrates his new ghost-abilities by putting his hand through the metal and Honeybee giggles about it tickling; though John remembers his wife is still out there. The heroes, meanwhile, are being urged inside the city, but Newb wants to get back on Honeybee and just leave. The shoggoths, however, insist that the heroes go inside, while CopyKAT is still in the guise of one of them[NeS3 15].

Posts 75, 76 & 78

Meanwhile, in Australia

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Back in Australia, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is annoyed that everyone remembers the British Prime Minister or the French President, but not the Australian Prime Minister - even his own Australian Government. His government have come up with a new plan to deal with the necroids; they wish to infect them with coronavirus using the 5G Network. Sometime later, it turns out that the plan failed and, instead, has also created 5G Zombies[NeS3 15]. After many were infected by the 5G Network, two 5G Zombies, Bucket Head and Doctor Z, debate the future of their race; Bucket Head wants to eat the humans, while Doctor Z argues they need to coexist. Bucket Head explains that the bucket on his head protects his mind from the 5G Network, so he hasn't been reduced into a brainless undead yet. Doctor Z realises that his big afro had been protecting his own mind, but has now almost fallen out completely due to being a zombie so he rushes off to find a bucket for his own head[NeS3 16]. I-X the Writer is confused over the Posts he has been reading until he realises that he has been reading Posts from twelve months ago and resumes to date. Doctor Z and Bucket Head are still searching for a bucket for Doctor Z when Bucket Head's Grandmother comes crawling out of the house, turned into a mindless 5G Zombie, and tries to bite Doctor Z. He yells at Bucket Head to control his grandmother, but I-X the Writer criticises his motivation and thinks he needs to up his game. Doctor Z reads through Treasures of the NeSiverse Book to find an object to help him conquer the NeSiverse and comes upon The Medallion[NeS3 17].

Posts 77, 79 & 80

Char's Voice Box

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Back with the NeS Heroes, Iriana believes that the shoggoth may believe that CopyKAT is some kind of ancient deity. The next lines are movie lines that the heroes, and even shoggoth, keep referencing to the point that Aladdyn uses a movie line so obscure that the Narrator can't even be bothered to comment on it[NeS3 18]. The heroes are afraid they won't be able to escape the shoggoth city, even Newb must pretend she isn't afraid, as 'things' howl in the city - though they are mostly howling about heated towel racks, geraniums and complaining about being called 'things'. Char believes their only hope for escape lies with CopyKAT. Char is able to translate what the shoggoth are saying, as they are confusing CopyKAT's senseless barking as their ancient tongue. Aladdyn and Losien come up with the plan to use ventriloquism. She wants to take out Char's voice box and put it in CopyKAT's mouth and then tell the shoggoth to release them. Newb openly plans to have CopyKAT ask the shoggoth for a 'roll in the hay' and Aladdyn thinks this would be fun and wants to roll in hay with Newb. She declares when pigs fly, which gives Aladdyn baseless hope for the future[NeS3 19]. A moment later and the heroes are doing abusing Char's voice box by making them say silly things until Char snatches it back from them and points out that they have lost track of which shoggoth is CopyKAT, because now the monsters are all wagging their bottoms like dogs, mimicking him[NeS3 20].


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