NeS3 Page 2 continues with the NeS Heroes, Iriana Emp, Newb, Char, Aladdyn and led by Losien Simon, as they tackle Chris the Bad Guy and his minions - the Australian Clown-Robots and the Alien Space Pirates. Newb, from Newb's Perch up on Ditch Mountain, helps Iriana escape the clutches of a dreadful pirate using her sniper rifle. Iriana had been separated from the others during their escape along one of the beaches of The Ditch. Losien and Char had made it to a hidden Waterfall Cavern before they realised the others are lost. Newb heads into the mountains to fetch ingredients for one of Iriana's Teas, confronting mutated goats with gigantic testicles, while Iriana is captured when trying to find Losien. Wai, Aladdyn and Iriana are tied up by Captain Pleiades, but they are introduced to The Book of Dave when they meet one of her crewmen, Stinky Dave, who makes an argument for the presence of many Daves in the Multiverse as Dávejà vu. It is left to Newb to rescue the three of them, though she wants to do it without killing them, knowing Losien would complain. So she uses a sedative-laced pellet to shoot the pirates, but this causes Mr Blobson to have an allergic reaction, only to be saved by one of Iriana's teas. Newb rushes to Iriana, and appears to be engulfed in a dark aura and mysterious tentacles, which stop when she finds Iriana is safe. Moments later and the Australian Clown-Robots arrive but, in a moment of linguistic misunderstanding, they start to fight with the aliens, allowing the heroes to escape in the transforming clown-car named Honeybee with the help of Char. She has a liking for Aladdyn, but dislikes Wai and throws him out. Instead of picking him back up, she keeps picking up random celebrities, initiated by James Corden, for Carpool Karaoke. Eventually the group join up with Losien and they travel back to the "Pit of Peril", as named by Chris the Bad Guy, where they find Chris himself, coming out of the bathroom. He holds a controller that he claims will launch American nuclear weapons at Australia if they defy him, and tells them that the American President had posted the nuclear codes online, which they instantly believed was probably true. Chris forces Losien to dance awkwardly and Iriana requests that they sit down and talk about this over tea. Chris smacks the tea from Iriana's hand, provoking her ire. She drinks Iri's Speedy-Time Tea, allowing her to move at incredible speeds, so she snatches the controller from him. Ultimately, Losien calls Chris' Mom to come and get him because he's being naughty and he admits that the codes didn't work - the president did post them online, but he got them wrong. Following this, a mysterious shooting star falls on the Australian Outback and a dangerous fog rolls across the land, changing the people that make contact with it. The people are confirmed dead, but they are like undead zombies - but they are not the same. Their skin is turned blue, and they are manic - happy at everything, even when in pain. The fog was thus named necromist and Newb calls the people necroids. After trying to make repairs, when Losien admits to Wai that her mother bought the island for her, the group watch the events in Australia unfold on television. Initially Losien believes this is a task beyond them, suited more to Hero Force One. Newb tells her that Hero Force are on a mission in Hell, as seen in Rescue from Hell. But then the leader of the necroids is revealed, dubbed The Necroman, who wears a sparkling pink suit, bowler hat and dances and sings, so Losien thinks this must be one of their villains after all. Because nothing organic can make contact with the mist, they decide to travel to Antarctica to try to recruit robots from the hidden city of Sanctuary. They try on different winter clothes in advance, but have no idea how to actually travel there. Honeybee, however, reveals she can transform and turns into a giant clown-coloured battleship to transport them over the ocean. Necroman is able to control his necroids, forcing them to use their bodies as a bridge across the water, eating necrofish and even wanting to eat humans. He also gets them to form up in a human-monument to use themselves as a meat shield when the Australian government fire a missile at him. On their way across the ocean, Newb thinks Aladdyn could freeze to death and they wouldn't know because he's already blue. Char assures them that Iriana will not freeze because she drinks so much tea and that Aladdyn may have a medical phenomenon in that he is too stupid to die.

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From her perch on Ditch Mountain, Newb sees one of the alien space pirates creeping up on Iriana Emp, who was trying to hide. She had been eating ham sandwiches that she had stolen from Losien Simon, who imports food from Australia for the NeS Heroes on Ditch Island. She didn't want to try hunting and eating the mutated animals of the island. But as she spies the pirate through her binoculars, she uses her radio to contact Iriana. Initially, Iriana looks to the sky until Newb reminds her of the radio. Iriana tells Newb she is hiding, to which Newb tells her she is watching through the binoculars. Iriana is a little annoyed by this, reminding Newb that she promised to stop watching her in the shower. Newb tries to verbally wriggle out of that one and tells Iriana of the incoming pirate, but her military-like talk confuses Iriana so she doesn't understand and is taken by surprise. The pirate yanks Iriana into the air by her neck, choking her. Newb grabs her sniper rifle, relishing that she was right to bring it even when Losien called her paranoid, and she shoots the pirate. Unfortunately he then lands on Iriana as they both fall, but the princess manage to squirm from under the large brute and get her tea back. Iriana tells Newb that there are pirates on the island, but isn't sure if the man Newb just killed is one of them or the janitor. Newb tells her that there is no janitor and Iriana decides to complain to island management, which Newb thinks is a great idea as that is Losien Simon. Newb sees that the other heroes are running away from the pirates, she thinks about taking potshots but wants to eat sandwiches instead. Iriana wants to eat the sandwiches too, so Newb invites her to join her on the mountain, but Iriana tells her it would take a very special brew of tea to get up there[NeS3 1]. Losien Simon leads the other NeS Heroes in their escape along the beach, which is marked by a series of traps they have to avoid. Eventually she reaches the Waterfall Cavern with only Char behind her. She points out to Char that Aladdyn is no longer at the end of the rope Char has been pulling, who had forgotten they were pulling anyone at all. She suspects that Wai may have simply wandered off because he is a Wandering A.I.. Losien also points out that Char is currently very large, so Char resizes themself to become smaller, but now seems too small and resizes again to become average human height[NeS3 2]. Back with Newb, she tells Iriana to follow the footprints in the sand to find Gebohq and Char behind the waterfall. She, meanwhile, intends to search Ditch Mountain to find a special ingredient for one of Iriana's Teas, a strength-enhancement-tea. In her search, she find mutated mountain goats with gigantic testicles. She avoids them to fetch the flower, but when the goats try to chase her they bounce painfully on their own testicles and can't catch her anyway.

Captain Pleiades

Captain Pleiades shown holding up her ray gun.

Iriana, however, winds up captured by the pirates, where she is dumped alongside both Wai and Aladdyn. Wai is wrapped in huge chains because he is so strong, while Aladdyn is trapped by duct-tape[NeS3 3]. Wai is certain that they will escape and Aladdyn agrees, trying to use another idiom and getting it wrong again - stating the only thing to fear is an elf. This, however, brings concern to the alien pirates, who now believe the island to be infested with dangerous elves, spurned on by Wai. Only Pleiades seems dubious, but suddenly they hear horrible wails of anguish - which is actually the mutated mountain goats and their testicles chasing Newb in the mountains[NeS3 4]. One of the pirates, named Stinky Dave, calls Wai a liar. Iriana remarks on yet another Dave, which brings a groan from Pleiades who knows what is about to happen. Stinky Dave argues the theory of Dávejà vu, as stipulated in The Book of Dave, which asserts that Dave is a scientific phenomenon. Iriana and Aladdyn become engrossed in this book with Stinky Dave, but Newb sees this from her perch and she descends via zipline from the mountain[NeS3 5]. Because Losien always complains about Newb killing people, she sifts through her bag to try to find a non-lethal weapon, but everything seems to be, in some manner, lethal and the lethality of everything she takes out only increases[NeS3 6]. She even finds a sex toy in there[NeS3 7]. She finds knock-out pellets in her duffel bag and uses them on the pirates. While some of them go down, due to alien biology some remain standing, including Captain Pleiades herself. Worse, it seems that Mr Blobson's biology has a very negative reaction to the pellets and he is dying. Iriana takes control of the situation with one of her special brews. Her restorative-tea helps to rouse Mr Blobson and saves his life. The pirates condemn their captain and instead wonder if Iriana should be their captain instead[NeS3 8]. Newb, from where she is, is able to lip-read what the pirates are saying. She decides to rush across the beach, but as she does so she is coated in a dark aura with visible tendrils, which terrifies the pirates. Iriana, however, runs back to Newb, happy to see her friend, despite the creepy tendrils that fade when she reaches Iriana[NeS3 9]. Suddenly, a pastel-blue clown car arrived and Australian Clown-Robots poured from within it. Electro the Hobo mistakenly refers to the pirates as 'kids', who are offended, despite working together. Violence erupts between the two groups and the heroes hide behind the car. The door of the car opens and it is revealed to be Char. They climb in, though Wai tries to leave Aladdyn behind. The car is revealed as another robot named Honeybee, but she is very flirtatious and wants the handsome Aladdyn to 'be inside her', making everyone uncomfortable. Honeybee agrees to let Iriana drive, but only once Aladdyn is in. However, he thinks he is hearing a ghost and tries to ignore Honeybee. When Wai complains about all this, the car throws him out[NeS3 10].

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Meanwhile, Losien Simon is waiting in the Waterfall Cavern[NeS3 11], and as she wonders where Char has gotten to, she starts to sing, like a musical[Ext 1], along with Chris the Bad Guy[NeS3 12]. Iriana wants Honeybee to stop and let Wai get back inside, but when Honeybee stops, instead of Wai getting in, it is James Corden[Ext 2] as he conducts Carpool Karaoke[Ext 3]. Honeybee continues to then stop several times, but each time a new celebrity gets in to take part in Carpool Karaoke, which delights Iriana as she loves pop music. Finally, Honeybee stops and Wai is able to catch up. Unfortunately, Honeybee flatly states that there is no more room and drives off without him[NeS3 13]. Seeing this, E-Dingo, one of the Australian Clown-Robots, tries to drum up robot-camaraderie with Wai, but Wai ignores him and marches after the vehicle[NeS3 14]. Honeybee reaches the Waterfall Cavern where Losien is waiting and she decides a talking car is far from the strangest thing she's ever seen. Aladdyn thinks they need to deal with the Australian Clown-Robots and the Alien Space Pirates on the island, but Losien decides this is one of the Narrative Conventions - Villains Turning on Each Other. Instead, Losien wants them to get back to fixing up the "Pit of Peril", as dubbed by Chris the Bad Guy, and Honeybee drives the group there. However, when they try to get out of the car, Honeybee tries to wish they would all stay with her, trying to use Aladdyn's genie powers. A moment later and they all unbuckle their seatbelts and get out, except for Aladdyn, who seems to be stuck after all. Losien gives everyone else tasks, including that Iriana make the tea, but a moment later and Chris the Bad Guy emerges from the bathroom - everyone having forgotten about him[NeS3 15].

Chris the Bad Guy

Chris the Bad Guy using his watch to communicate with his minions.

Chris quickly whips out a device that looks like a video game controller, but he insists it will launch American nuclear weapons and he vows to target Australia. Char argues that only the American President would have access to the codes to launch those nuclear weapons, and Chris tells them the President posted the codes to Twitter[Ext 4], which they decide is entirely possible. With this power, Chris forces Losien to dance awkwardly. Iriana suggests they sit and talk about this over tea, but he smacks the offered tea from her hands. Iriana had been brewing some of Iri's Speedy-Time Tea, to help with the repairs, and now drinks some of it to grant her incredible super-speed. She snatches the controller from Chris, tidies up the appearance of Losien's clothes and Newb's hair, before she then goes to Honeybee to release Aladdyn from his seatbelt. When the tea wears off, everyone is shocked by the sudden change. Chris sulks, but believes he is still the victor because he humiliated Losien. Losien, however, just shrugs and states that many people have many fun of her, and Newb agrees with this as she, even on the same team, frequently insults and humiliates Losien herself. Losien calls Chris' Mom, which causes Chris to wail with despair. Now released, Aladddyn goes round trying to thank everyone, only to be rebuked, until Iriana, who hugs him back, and then as he nears Losien, he accidentally hits the trigger on the nuclear weapon controller. Wai asks Char if robots are safe from nuclear fallout. When nothing happens, Chris admits that he lied about having the codes. Char was relieved that the President hadn't posted those codes on the internet after all, but Chris says that he did - but he got the codes wrong[NeS3 16].

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A mysterious shooting star falls from space and lands in the Australian Outback. From Oodnadatta, a strange fog begins to sweep across the land and those that enter the fog are abruptly changed. But on The Ditch, the NeS Heroes are attempting further repairs to the Training Room after their fight with Chris the Bad Guy. Losien is trying to fix the skylight, but it crashes down again. Wai asks her how she obtained the island in the first place, and she admits it came very cheap and that her mother - Polly Simon - actually paid for it. Char requests Losien come and see the television, which shows footage from Australia where the fog has changed humans into what Losien believes are zombies. They are not zombies, however. They have blue skin and they appear to be maniac, happy to the extreme, even when hurting or being hurt. They have been confirmed as dead, so the fog was dubbed necromist. This name prompts Newb to call these undead as necroids, much to the chagrin of Char who insists they are merely infected humans. The team seem to think they need to help, but Losien thinks they're all crazy and this is a real problem for superheroes like Hero Force One. Hero Force One, however, have gone on a mission to Hell, according to Newb - as seen in Rescue from Hell. Then the leader of the necroids, and their creator, appears on the television, dubbed The Necroman by the group. He wears a sparkling pink suit, a bowler hat and dances merrily around the place, making Losien reconsider that he does seem more like one of the villains of the NeS Heroes. However, anything biological that enters the necromist would be transformed, so they come up with the plan to travel to Antarctica to the robot-city of Sanctuary in the hopes of recruiting aid from the robots there. Necroman, meanwhile, leads his necroids across a river. They use themselves to create a bridge, some drowning - though incapable of death - or hitting the rocks and being swept away. The fish in the river are likewise transformed into necrofish, which some of the necroids eat and ask if they could eat the people in the city they were going to - which Necroman agrees they can do whatever makes them happy[NeS3 17]. Some of the heroes go to dress in their winter clothes in preparation for Antarctica, but Aladdyn dresses as a tauntaun[Ext 5], which brings urges in Newb to slice him open with a lightsabre. When he decides to change, she tells him she already wanted to slice him open with a knife anyway[NeS3 18]. Wai arrives to tell them that Australia is on fire, but he states this isn't the work of Necroman - it's humanity and climate change. He notices that Losien, Iriana and Newb are all dressed in winter clothes already and they admit they're just dressing up in advance[NeS3 19].

In Australia, the Australian government and military fire a missile at Necroman, hoping for minimum casualties upon the necroids, who they see as innocent, infected people. Necroman has started a dance performance and when the missile arrives, his necroids have danced themselves into a human-monument and a 'meat shield'. They take the blast instead of Necroman. The heroes, meanwhile, try to figure out how to get to Antarctica and couldn't even remember how they got to The Ditch in the first place, though Newb thinks it involved a lot of water and screaming - but Losien tells her that's one of her nightmares again. Honeybee offers to help them and transforms herself into a battleship, able to sail the oceans. Aladdyn wants to help put out the fires in Australia, but Losien believes that's a job for the eco-warriors, one of which suddenly appears and goes off to put out one of the random fires on the island - probably caused by the heroes fighting the robots earlier. As they sail away, Newb points out that they wouldn't know if Aladdyn is freezing to death or not because he's already blue. Losien is concerned because Iriana and Aladdyn are wearing dresses, but Char argues Iriana drinks so much tea, her body temperature is always high, and that Aladdyn may well be too stupid to die, which Char thinks is a genuine medical phenomenon. Newb instantly wants to 'test' this theory[NeS3 20].


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