The Plothole

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*Finally, after days of endless back-breaking digging, our heroes finally climb heads out of the tunnel they had created, hopefully to freedom.*

*Unfortunately, due to some miscalculations on Butch's part their tunnel ended up being a tad to short, in that they arrived in the cell adjacent to the one they had previously been in.*

*But fortunately for the plot development of the NeverEnding Story, the Cell door was unlocked*

*Cautiously Cooked Haggis pushes the rusty cell door open with his foot, and the heroes sneak out. Hastily, but as carefully as possible they skulk through the Hallways, ducking under security cameras and dodging detection lasers.*

Randy the writer: Don't... make... a sound...

Butch the writer: *@^&! MY FOOT! #*%@! THE #*@% STEPPED ON MY @*%^(@ FOOT!

Otter the writer: Oops...

*As if on that cue, a massive double door slowly slides open to reveal a massive contigency of the prisons armed guards. Predictably they all wear dark sunglasses, despite the fact that they are indoors. But, as has already been mentioned, this makes them somehow seem scary- not stupid.*

Cooked the writer: What do you have to say for yourself, Otter.

Otter the writer: Uh... crud?

*The first guard sees the writers, and recognition flashed across his eyes, but it wasn't too bright because of his sunglasses*

Guard #1: There they are!

*As the Guards rush forward, Masseto grabs a nearby potted plant. Slinging the rhodedendron around, he launches it through the air where it impacts on the Guard #1's shin. He falls to the ground in pain, where Guard #2 trips over him.*

*Seeing their chance to escape, the prisoners look at eachother... and then charge towards the guards.*

Otter the writer: FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!

*Unable to stop in time, Otter collides with Guard #3 and the sound of their heads hitting reverberates throughout the hallway. Guard #3 falls to the ground- unconcious. Otter is unscathed.*

*As if he were sliding into first base, Lt. Randy dives on the polished floor, spinning around and grabbing Guard #1's automatic. He guns down Guard #'s 4 through 7.*

*Butch brings down his massive fist on Guard #8's previously round face.*

*Cooked Haggis serves Guard #9 a spicy Knuckle Sandwich.*

*Mr. T starts doing his Kung-Fu things... eliminating Guards #10 through 17.*

Otter the Writer: I almost feel sorry for those guys...

Mr. T: I pity the foo' who pity the foo'.

*But before they could philoziphize any more about the ethics of empathy, Lt. Kedri leans around the corner and fires his service revolver. Once.*

*The bullet hits Randy's gun and snaps it in two.*

*Immeadiatelly, most of the prisoners drop their weapons and put their hands in the air, defeatedly.*

*Otter on the other hand...*

Otter the writer: YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!

*Otter puts his head down and rushes toward Kedri, screaming incoherently*

*Kedri steps out of the way.*

*Otter runs into a brick wall, where he falls and is quiet for a little bit*

*Lt. Kedri and Aglar step out into clear view*

Aglar *looking at Otter*: I thought only solitary confinement did that to people.

Masseto the writer: He's had a rough day. We all have.

Lt. Kedri: Well, speaking of which, your free to go.

Otter the writer: YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE... what?

Lt. Kedri: Well, PPV Enterprises requested that you be released to continue to do what you are supposed to be doing... writing. So your free to go.

Butch: Yeah? Well, what about me and the T-man, punk?

Aglar: I'm sorry. But you'll have to stay. A misusage of grammer are a serious crime. Cooked Haggis the writer: What? Don't we get a goodbye party?

Aglar: *looking at the guards on the ground* Uh... I'm afraid they were your goodbye party...

Randy the writer: Oops...

Whatever will the writers do when they get out of jail. Will they actually... dare I say it... write? Only time will tell. Time will tell...