The Plothole

After a long time sleeping in the bleachers, in NeS1 Post 88 Twin Suns wakes up and, in his drunken stupor, thinks that Miss Fire and Antestarr are sith warriors fighting in the arena. He rushes at them and throws explosives in their direction.


After what seemed like weeks, Twin Suns wakes up under the bleachers

He sits there looking at the empty bottle of corelian whiskey[Ext 1] and the half-eaten box of twinkies[Ext 2], and he realizes that something must have happened, but he didn't know what the hell it was.

Getting up he looks out to the arena and sees two warriors dueling. 

Twin: What the hell happened?

As he looks harder at the warriors he thinks they are evil Sith warriors. Suddenly angered by their presence he reaches into his bag and grabs two thermal detonators[Ext 3]. In a dead sprint he races toward the arena and throws the therms with all his strength. 

!!! Will this misunderstood attack destroy the 2 warriors having a casual duel? Or will someone smack Twin sober so that he can save them, tune in next post for the thrilling answer.


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