The Plothole

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*The Prison. Otter the Writer (hey, that rhymes!) Sits on the bed patiently, waiting for his dear friends who would never forget about him to come bail him out. Meanwhile, Butch and Mr. T have found some chalk and are playing hopscotch.*

Butch:"Hop...hop...hop...ha! I win!"

Mr. T:"You stepped onna line, foo'!"

Butch:"I didn' step on no line! I won fair an' square!"

Mr. T:"I saw you step onna line, foo'! You gonna be questionin' me?"

*Butch flips out a switchblade*

Butch:"I didn' step on no line, y'hear me?!"

Otter the Writer:"Quiet! Someone's coming!"

*Butch and Mr. T quickly erase the chalk on the floor, as the sound of shoes comes closer. Masseto the Writer, Randy the Writer, and Cooked Haggis the Writer appear outside of the bars, as a guard opens the cell door.*

Otter the Writer:"Masseto, Randy, you've come to free me!"

*The guard shoves Randy, Masseto, and Cooked the Writers into the cell and slams shut the door.*

Otter the Writer:"Dagnabit!"

Randy the Writer:"I get top bunk!"

*Randy jumps to get into the top bunk, and runs into Butch's stomach.*

Butch:"Top bunk is mine!"

Mr. T:"Hey, foo'! I won the hopscotch game! I get top bunk!"

*Butch flips out his switchblade*

Butch:"I didn' step on no line, y'hear me?!"

*As Butch and Mr. T go over the finer points of hopscotch, Otter the Writer speaks to his fellow writers*

Otter the Writer:"What're you guys in for?"

Masseto the Writer:"Uh, well, we were buying donuts in order to help get you out of jail..."

Randy the Writer:"I wanted assorted, but nooooooooo..."

Masseto the Writer:"Anyway, we were looking through the donuts..."

Cooked the Writer:"I still say we should have went with chocolate."

Masseto the Writer:"And then these cops came and arrested us."

Otter the Writer:"Just like that? For no reason?"

Masseto the Writer:"Uh...."

*An awkward silence reigns for a short eternity*

Randy the Writer:"Well there were no bathrooms nearby and I really had to go! What was I supposed to do?!"

How will our intrepid writers escape this fiasco? Will it be through ingenuity, cunning, and daring? Or plain old stupid luck? Will our Heroes in the Heroes' World/Realm/Place ever defeat the Spooky Taco? Or will they be doomed to wait, forever battling that evil denzien of Hell, whilst the high and mighty Janitor Bob laughs and taunts the world with the false promise of a satisfying conclusion of the Spooky Taco/Video Game story arc? My, but that was a long sentence! Tune in next time, and don't forget to give all your money to the Church of NES!