The Plothole
The Plothole

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(Michael, Losien, and TLTE continue walking into the sunset. It's getting darker. TLTE still remains with his arms around Michael and Losien's shoulders. Michael and Losien still secretly holding hands. Michael squeezes Losien's hand and she giggles slightly.)

TLTE: What is so funny?

Michael: Uh..nothing.

Losien: Yes...nothing. Although...I saw this really stupid commercial the other day...for Taco Bell. This guy...oh my's so funny..he..

Michael: (finishing her sentence..acting like the guy on the commercial) says, "I'm just a man, just a guy, just a dude and I'm hun-gry!"

Losien: Yes...exactly. I hate that commercial...but it's so funny.

(Michael and Losien look at TLTE.)

Losien: Why aren't you laughing?

TLTE: I don't understand you guys.

Michael: What's there to understand?

TLTE: Michael..I can't believe you'd do this to me.

Michael: (looking innocent) Do what?

TLTE: Nothing.

Losien: I have a joke. Does anyone want to hear it?

Michael: I do!

TLTE: You can tell Michael. I'm sure you're more attracted to him than you are to me. To tell you the truth. I'm over you. I don't go for people that exist only to make me feel like a piece of dirt.

Losien: I never said that I didn't like you. I'm just..

Michael: You like me more than him?

Losien: Michael.giggles..not meaning to) Can you just hold on. TLTE...why do you think I hate you? I know I said some pretty shallow things...but I didn't necessarily mean them..well..all of them.

TLTE: Apology not accepted...not yet at least. It's not that easy. I save your life, and you treat me like this...I don't have to be nice to you again. I already wasted all my energy on you.

Losien: (sigh) I'm really sorry..if that makes you feel any better. "Don't be sad, get Glad!"

Michael: (jumping back in the conversation) Do you like me Losien?

Losien: Isn't it obvious?

Michael: You do?!

(TLTE walks away by himself, Losien follows..Michael runs to catch up with her...questioning her again about whether or not she likes him. Losien pulls something out of her purse.)

Losien: Would you like some cheese and crackers?

TLTE: (jokingly) What kind of loser carrys cheese and crackers in her purse?

Losien:'re looking at her.

TLTE: Sure. Why not?

Losien: So...are we still friends?

TLTE: Well, I don't like you like that anymore...and I can't guarentee that I'll always be nice to you..because of things you said...but I guess I can say I don't hate you as much.

Losien: (jumps up and gives TLTE a hug) Thank you!

Michael: What about me? Do you like me?

Losien: (winks at Michael) You're great too.

TLTE: What kind of cheese is this? Swiss cheese? I hate swiss cheese.

Losien: Oops. Sorry. It's all I have left.

TLTE: Well...let's not waste any more time than we already have. Let's go find Geb.

Losien: Oh yes. Geb.

Michael: I'm coming too, right?

Losien: (Dreamily) Of course.

TLTE: (shaking his head at Losien who is practically drooling over Michael) Puppy dog love makes me sick!

Losien: (coming out of her single-minded state of being) What? Did you say something?

TLTE: (annoyed) I said, Swiss cheese makes me sick.

Losien: (staring at Michael) Oh.

(The three continue walking till they get to a bus stop.)

Losien: Well, we can keep walking...or we can wait for the bus to come..looks at her watch...that she's not really wearing) I think it'll be about 10 minutes till the next bus comes by.

TLTE: I think we should wait for the bus.

Michael: Yeah. Me too.

Losien: Well..what are we going to do while we wait? We could play Candy Land...I have "travel size" Candy Land..oh wait.Losien remembers the last time she brought Candy Land into the NES and it was a big mistake)...never mind...I must've left it in my other purse.

TLTE: We can just wait.

Michael: Wow...I was thinking the same thing.

Losien: Or...we can sing "99 bottles of Ocean Spray CranGrape Juice on the wall"!

TLTE: Or not.

Losien: we'll wait.

(The three wait for the bus...and wait, and wait and there a bus...they sit and wonder...still waiting)

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