The Plothole
The Plothole

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(Bah, no one tells me that my posts are any no one here a Russian sympathiser? Sure, Losien's post was good, because it made fun of my character and his apparent inability to make it with women! Not only is this hugely incongruent with the actual character (he's meant to be irresistable to all but the strongest feminists), now he's the extravagant black sheep of the 3-way group of Losien, Michael and TLTE, which is exactly what I didn't want. Ah well...Oh, and Losien, my character has lost interest in you, you hurt his feelings...he's a very sensitive guy :P Well, in other news, Losien and Michael seem to be getting along well...allow me, devious writer as I am, to twist that into an NeS style plot...)

*TLTE, Losien and Michael are strolling down the charred remains of the Massassi offices. Somehow, the tricky Russian has put his arms around both of them, and is entertaining them with war stories.*

TLTE: I remember one time, I was abducted by Saddam Hussein, who was planning to invade Mother there I was, stretched out on his torture rack, and suddenly Saddam appears, and throws a cauldron of steaming oil on me...

*Losien catches Michael's eye, looking at him in that not-looking-at-him kind of way, then turns away, pretending to take rooted interest in a small rock. Michael stares, unblinking at her, then turns away, and becomes irrevocably interested in a passing piece of lint.* you know what I say to Saddam? I motion for him to come closer, and I whisper in his ear..."Spasibo, tovarish"! AHHH, HA HA HA...."Spasibo, tovarish!"

*Michael winks at Losien. Losien turns an attractive shade of tomato-red.* then Saddam shouts, "KILL THE RUSSIAN PIG-MAN!" So his guards all grab their rifles, but at that moment, the charges I had laid at strategic locations throughout the base detonate, and I'm thrown from my restraints onto Saddam. We wrestle madly on the floor...

*Behind TLTE's back, Michael and Losien hold hands.*

TLTE: ...but to cut a long story short, I defeated Saddam and his evil plot, and was back in Russia for some 'quality time' with my lovely ladies...but enough about me, do you know a man called Gebohq?

Losien: *Snapped out of her trance* Hmm? What? Ohhh...Gebohq? Sure, I, uh, know him...

TLTE: You look a little...flustered. Is putting my arm around you too distracting for you?

Losien: Pfft. Hardly. What I meant was, I can take you to him, if you like...

Michael: *Dreamily* I'll come too...

TLTE: Wonderful...take me to him...

*TLTE and the 'secret couple' walk off into the sunset...*


In the original post, the smiley in the first paragraph was represented by an emoticon. That cannot be reproduced here on the wiki, so instead the text representation stands in for it.