The Plothole
The Plothole

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*In the corrugated, crowded, crud-filled cubicle of the Spooky Taco, our writers confront the enemy writers, most notably the disenfranchised entity of Overglow.*

Overglow: U GYS SUCK! I HATE U! You SUCK!

Bob the writer: Wow, I've only known the guy for 7 seconds and he's already annoying the heck out of me.

Overglow: FEEL TEH RATH!

Bob the writer: Geb, What do you say that we... "wipe this dirt spot off the linoleum floor of humanity"

Geb the writer: I like the way you think.

Bob the writer: Gratuitously violent. As always.


*In the realm o' our heroes, the action is mirrored, although in much more surreal circumstances*

Yoda Bob: Evil one this one is... hmmm. Defeat him we must.

*Yoda Bob swings his pushbroom around and the heroes close in on the Taco.*



Geb the writer: Ha! Powerful. Your pathetic excuse for power does not concern us! Ooh. That sounded evil.


Spooky Taco: /\/\3 i5 b1g! j00 c@n't d3f3@t m3!

Yoda Geb: Size matters not! Hmmm... yessss...


*Ante the writer charges up to Overglow, vaults over Rabid Platupus and picks up Overglow by the shirt collar, lifting him into the air*


*Yoda Ante uses his yoda-rific powers to telekenetically lift the Taco 15 feet into the air*

*Will blah blah defeat blah blah? Will blah blah survive? Or will blah blah? More importantly, will our writers pick up Donuts high in Dietary Fiber? Blah blah on Blah Blah Story Thread*


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