The Plothole

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(NSP: Just so you both know, the writer's realm and the "heroes'" realm are two differnt places, but intertwined (this is in reference mainly to TLTE, whose character in both has already been written for the past 2 pages, but your Russian side to it really helps. Michael--so you know, with the help of this post, your "writer" character will be involved and your "hero" character will come shortly (through whatever means). yes, it can be confusing, but hoefully, you'll catch on. Everyone else managed to, hehe. Anyways, onward!)

In the Massassi Offices for the Neverending Story Thread, Cooked and Randy the writer are left with Sem and Maybe, with nothing to do.

Cooked the writer: So...are you gonna pay that bill?

Randy the writer: Oh, um...suuuuure...

Randy proceeds to walk over to a little piggy bank labeled "writer's savings for Vegas", cracks it open, and takes the change. Randy then gives it to Cooked.

Cooked: *looking at the change, noticing much more than what was owed was there* Thanks...

Randy: So, er...what should we do? We could either help bail out Otter, or we could catch up with Masetto and help him get donuts.

Cooked: Hmm....


Ten minutes later, at the local deserted supermarket...

Cooked the writer: I say go with the chocolate ones, Masetto.

Randy the writer: No, go with the assorted!

Masetto the writer: I dunno, everything kind of looks sketchy...


Meanwhile, in the local prison...

Otter the writer: Oh, they'll come bail me out. Someday....anytime now....

TheOtter looks warily at a burly man not unlike mac, garbed in a prison outfit, witht he name "Butch" labeled on his shirt.

Tune in shortly, because if it's not there, the next post will be coming very soon by the same writer! Seriously!


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