The Plothole

Summary for NeS1 Post 825 will go here.


NSP: Heh, great post Losien. Hilarious.

*In the bar, Mike and LT evil the writer, make to leave, as they had had their fill of beer and buffalo wings*

Bartender: Ye won't be leaving so quickly.

*The bartender and the other patrons take back out their guns large enough to stop small tanks*

Michael the Writer: Oh, that's right, we've got to pay a tip.

Bartender: Not so fast. Nobody is friends with Gebohq and lives.

Michael the writer: Do you have a personal thing against Geb or something?

Bartender: Yer smarter than ya look. But it always helps me too relax when I blow the snot out of one of his friends.

LT evil the writer: Why can't you just go to a nice spa to relieve you're stress instead...

Bartender: Ah, but where'd be the fun in that.

Lt evil the writer: One more question, before you attempt to annihilate us. Why didn't you kill us a couple of seconds ago?

Bartender: I didn't want to scare the lady.

Lt evil the writer: You're so considerate.

*The Barkeep and the other patrons cock their guns and aim at Mike and LT... and... then...*