The Plothole

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Inside the Gamming Realm, Geb the Hero rummages through everything in the Crow's nest...

Geb: Porn, porn, porn...there's nothing in this place but--PORN! That's it!

Grabbing as much of the sticky, slutty print as he could, Geb ran towards the window that overlooked the CyberArena tm, opened the window, and shouted at the Spooky Taco.

Geb: Hey you!

Stopping in mid-fight, the Spooky Taco turned to face Geb, somehow looking confused.

Geb: Yeah, you! Look what I have!

Spooky Taco: Pr0n! |\/|U$t |-|@\/E pr0n!

As the Spooky Taco begins to advance towards Gebohq, the sleeping Rob X slumps off of the floating hacker-taco. Janitor Bob takes notice of Rob X.

Janitor Bob: Hey, who's that guy?

Sem: That's Rob X. I thought I killed the bugger.

Mase: Uh-oh...

Out of nowhere, a mystical swirl aka plot hole appears, promptly spitting out a figure clad in black armor.

Maybe: Is that...Dart Wader?

Sem: Mm-hm. "For every Hero that reappears after having been officially killed, an equal and oppisite Bad Guy appears."

Otter: Is that some official rule of the Neverending Story Thread?

Sem: Wha-? No, I was just babbling.

Otter: Oh.

Dart Wader: Ha-woe! What is wong wit dis pic-a-chur?

Will our hereos ever be able to defeat the Spooky Taco? What will they do about the mysterious appearances of Rob X and Dart Wader? Can Geb save himself from the sticky situation he's in? Can we disgust the reader with more nasty mental images by saying "sticky"? Sticky sticky sticky! Find out, in the next edition of "Hustler"--I mean, on the next post of The Neverending Story Thread!


"When someone asks if you're a god, you say YES!" --Ghostbusters


P.S. If Antestarr doesn't psot it himself, I hope someone will mention nesianity breaking into different sects, like the ones who worship Ares (they can call themselves "Areans", hehehe).


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