The Plothole
The Plothole

Summary for NeS1 Post 811 will go here.


Still within the realm of our bold writers, the beautiful Losien risks her life as she climbs into the truck with the over-weight, unattractive, horny Mac-truck driver.

Mac (catchy, ain't it?): Make yerself comfy, miss.

Losien the writer: Thanks...I think...

Several moments pass as Mac continues driving down the dark highway road without a word. Mac then stretched out his arms as he yawned, letting his arm drop over Losien's shoulders (an action Mac has obviously been practicing many times). Losien keeps herself from shuddering, praying that her stop will come soon. She begins to notice that Mac was taking an exit that was labeled "Romantic Point".

"Why are we going this way?" Losien asked. She had a pretty good idea.

"Short cut," Mac said with as much truth in his voice as he could muster. A few minutes later, Mac parked the truck in between a couple sports cars. From outside the windshield, Losine could see teh city below where the Massassi Offices lied. She also noticed that Mac had a hard time keping still.

"Perdy, ain't it?" Mac asked with a smile on his face. Losien nodded her head nervously. "Just like you," he added, as he began to lean towards her, with his eyes closed. Slinking lower down her seat to avoid him, Losien accidentilly gripped the emergency brake and pulled it out.

The truck gave a lurch as it started sliding off the cliff towards the city and Massassi Offices below. Mac seemed not to notice and continued advancing towards Losien, as she herself began to reach for the door...

Will Losien plummet to her death as the Mac Truck begins its descent down the cliffside? Will Mac find his true love? Does anybody have any real emotional attachment to Mac? Find out, right here, on the Neverending Story Thread!