The Plothole
The Plothole

Summary for NeS1 Post 810 will go here.


(NSP: ...I guess an actual STORY post would be good, eh? I'll do one then. Onward!)

In the Massassi Offices, the incapacitated writers begin to rise from unconsciousness...

Bob the writer: *getting up* Oiy, my legs... my back... my stomach... my throat... my nose... nose?...

Bob the writer uses his fingers in trying to find his nose, and after a few seconds, succeeds.

Bob the writer: Phew... where is everyone?

Geb the writer: Trying to avoid my own puddle of puke...

LT evil the writer: What happe--where am I--what is th--

Geb the writer: That's what didn't agree with me when I woke up.

LT Evil the writer: Oh joy... *hurl*

Cooked the writer: Hey, what's the religious guy doing by your computer, Sem?

Sem the writer: Holy mackral! He's messing with our characters! Get 'em!

Sem the writer begins to stand up when the door behind him smacks him on the head, knocking him back into unconsciousness. From the doorway, Otter and Mase the writers rush through, closing the door behind them.

Mase the writer: Think we lost them?

Otter the writer: I hope so.

Maybe the writer: Lost who?

A loud knocking is heard on the door, and a gruff voice from behind it could be heard yelling "Open up! This is the police!"

Mase the writer: *in a hushed voice* Quick, ya gotta hide us!

Randy the writer: This should prove to be interesting...

What trouble have Otter and Mase the writers gotten themselves into this time? Silly writers...oh yeah, find out next time...oh wait, I've just been told that the next two posts won't answer this question. Er...or will it? Damn, that isn't going to work, is it?