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(OOC: Thankya to everyone who commented on my humble illustration of our illustrious NES heroes. I shall commence the corrections indicated, and begin work on colourizing the picture. Stay tuned for further developments.)

(PS: The only reason I don't give drawing classes, Losien, is that I've never been asked to do so. Am I to take your last post as an indication that you have an interest in obtaining such instruction from my humble personage? )

*The UGAmbulance closes in on the Secret Microsoft/UGO Bunker Headquarters Skyscraper, speeding past several cop cars. The cops cars' sirens light up, and Phil the UGO employee finds himself being pursued by the Law.*


*Above, the single remaining TIE screams in, piloted by the intimidating Ominus Pilot #3. He unleashes a hailstorm of fury, green laser fire causing the ground on all sides of the UGAmbulance to explode into flame, but never once hitting the ambulance itself (for plot reasons that should be obvious to the average reader, who knows that Main Characters and Writers of Main Characters cannot die). A close blast from the TIE causes Randy the Writer to slip off of the antenna, and fall. Just before he hits the pavement that is whipping by below, he miraculously graps ahold of the rear bumper of the UGAmbulance.*

Randy the Writer:"owowowow, that hurt...*

*Randy the Writer slowly begins pulling himself under the ambulance, towards the front. The Indiana Jones theme music begins playing in the background. After several minutes of intense, adrenaline pumping climbing, Randy the Writer climbs up onto the grill of the UGAmbulance.*

Phil:"Get off the grill, you fool, you're blocking my view!"

Randy the Writer:"What?"

Phil:"I said get off the front of my ambulance, you half witted nincompoop!"

Randy the Writer:"Heehee, you said poop..."

*Just then, the Secret Microsoft/UGO Bunker Headquarters Skyscraper looms in front of the UGAmbulance. Phil slams on the brakes, but unfortunately, Randy the Writer's crawling around underneath the ambulance has dislodged the brake line, rendering the brakes useless!*

Randy the Writer:"This is gonna hurt a bit."

*The UGAmbulance smashes into the Secret Microsoft/UGO Bunker Headquarters Skyscraper, Randy the Writer end first. The ambulance was going so fast, however, that it does not stop at the first wall, but continues on, smashing through several more walls.*

*Camera switches to Bill Gates' office. Having taken care of the disturbance in the ventilation ducts, Mr. Gates is quietly typing on his computer, plotting world dominion. Suddenly, the wall behind him smashes into a million pieces, and the Randy the Writer flies into the room, followed closely by the UGAmbulance! The UGAmbulance plows into Mr. Gates's chair, pushing Mr. Gates along in front of the vehicle as it continues to smash through several more walls and exits the building on the other side.*

*Randy the Writer looks over at his new companion on the grill of the ambulance.*

Randy the Writer:"Hello, Mr. Gates! Fancy meeting you here!"

What will happen to our Winsome Writers? Will they triumph over adversity? Will the UGAmbulance ever stop? Or will it continue on forever, like this thread? Stay tuned!

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