NeS1 Post 759 is a Non-Story Post by Losien the Writer where she thanks the other Writers for their recapping posts but confesses she doesn't even remember most of what was mentioned. She will, as per the suggestion of Janitor Bob the Writer, read the last few Pages to catch up. She goes on to explain, specifically to Gebohq the Writer, that 'stuff' in her life went wrong, but hopes it's just a bad day and she can try to get into NeS again.


(NSP: Thanks for all that you guys have written to fill me in on what happened...even though I don't really remember any of that. LOL. I probably came after most of that stuff...but oh well. I think I'll read the last few pages..and maybe that'll help me. :-) Thanks. I'm not sure when I'll be posting. I don't really want everyone to know this...but to Gebohq in particular - whenever I'm about to get back into things I enjoy..."stuff" goes wrong...and today, everything that's "stuff" went wrong...everything possible. (well, except I didn't cut myself while shaving..but that doesn't matter) so..we'll see...hopefully it was just a bad day...and it doesn't continue. *kneels and prays* I'm trying! Thanks again)

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