NeS1 Post 755 continues the Story recap of Dr Geb, started in NeS1 Post 755, after a heckler shouts out parts of the Story missed previously. Dr Geb explains that one of the Writers started to develop some semblance of plot, but was promptly beaten up. He goes on to explain that Ares has retired from action, but is often found driving his dodge viper around, and Ares' Colosseum has become less important to the Writers, except for playing Capture the Giant Chicken Bone. He briefly mentioned that the Characters fought many dangers, even within a theme park, referring to Disney World during the TotallyEvil (Story Arc). The post ends with a duct-tape commercial.


Heckler: What about Ernie and his rubber duckies... and... and Godzilla[Ext 1] versus the Jolly Green Giant[Ext 2].

Dr. Geb: Quiet. I'm getting to that part! Eventually, some writers decided that the Arena battles were too formulaic for their expanding creative energies. So inevitably, some of the writers works started to evolve into something that resembled a primative form of 'plot'. These writers were immediately beaten to death with Large Pointy Sticks.

*Dr. Geb clicks to the next slide of the powerpoint[Ext 3]- which shows the mandatory 'Screen Bean with a lightbulb over his head' clip art that is required to be in all powerpoint presentations.*

Dr. Geb: Gradually, the characters migrated away from the arena, although sometimes returning there to spawn-to spawn new and violent action scenes that is. Ares, the God of war, retired and can sometimes still be spotted by observant tourists cruising around in his viper to this day. As the writers grew up the Arena became a less important focal point as they felt a deep primordial urging. An urging that must eventually biologically overtake all writers in their later stages of life. Yes, an urge to play Chickenbone.

*The Powerpoint slideshow changes to another slide. This slide has a large yellow happyface on it. Bulletpoints come in by letter, with an annoying *wooshing* sound.*

Dr. Geb: But it would take the writers many pages to finally find their ultimate purpose in life. This 'In between' time was called the 'Dark Ages', named for the constant black pits of plot hole that so often threatened life as they knew it. Even their visit to a 'Theme Park' was fraught with danger. For more on this dangerous period stay tuned, right after this.

*A commercial comes on advertising Duct Tape*

Salesman: Do you have trouble with broken tools, doors, automobiles, computers, limbs, persons, places or things,ideas, quality or feelings... well, we can fix that...*


May the Windex be with you

-Janitor Jack (Salk Wars)

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